Monday, March 4, 2013

We are HOME!!

Yay!  We made it!  The kids did great on he way home.  Meisi only cried a little...I think she may have gained a few pounds on the flight as much food as we gave her to keep her happy....but sometimes survival mode must set in!  lol

 First picture of the newest, sleepiest US citizen in Detroit, MI :)
 First picture of our cutie in Tampa...still sleepy.  Our flight was early, but the cleaning crew was on the plane before we could get Ian off the plane... We were all very tired..him especially. :)

 Our sweet friends the Byrne's, Vanvleet's and Artur's met us at the airport.  Such a sweet reunion with dear friends.  Debbie took all the pis - so none of her - boo!  Was so tired wasn't thinking! Honestly I was worried when we got off the plane that there would be too much chaos with a crowd (our kids were all crying and whining...Brian and I wanted to be)- so thankful God ordained just enough folks to be there. :)  Debbie and Bill had dinner for us at home when we got there and had even gone to the grocery store for us!  We are so blessed! 

 Boys were so happy to see each other!

Our first picture as a family of 5 in the USA!!
 Meisi's first time in a car seat - she wasn't happy about it.  She did finally fall asleep though. :)
 The best part - FINALLY seeing our princess in her crib wrapped in her precious blanket my sweet friend made for her. :)  Our journey to our heart baby now wrapped in a blanket of hearts and love. :)
 Then the smiles. :)  She is certainly a heart to love!  We are so blessed.  :) 
We have her doctor appointment in just under an hour.  Hoping they don't poke her too much!!! 

Thank you for joining us on our journey to China..... now the new journey as a family of five!  Already seeing I have so much to work on - lol
Dealing with Aili and Ian and limits with Meisi
Tring to not say no so much to them
Trying to be patient as we all learn our new roles
Realizing I need more stuff (baby gates, baby monitor, diaper pale - yep, those diapers STINK!)

All in time... :)  Love you and so thankful for your prayers. :) 

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