Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First day at home

Hopefully this will make sense because I am in a total jet lag fog right now... 

Meisi has adjusted really well here.
The first night she did ok considering she slept a bit on the plane. 

She went to sleep at 10
Crying while sleeping at 1
Back to sleep
Crying at 3
Back to sleep about an hour later - After finally putting her in bed with us...
Up at 6:30...and stayed up...

Now, I am no morning person, but amazingly God gave me the energy to go and go we did.

Meisi's doctor appointment was at 1200 that day.  A dear friend watched Aili and Ian for us so we could focus on our little Meisi.  Good thing.  The appointment was nearly 2 hours long! 

Meisi had to get 4 vaccines (she needed 2 year old shots).  Then blood work... which again didn't go well (Med Exam in China was a hard blood draw too).  They couldn't get a good vein in the office so we had to go to Quest.  Poor poor baby.  I just wanted to cry with her. 

My sweet friend Debbie set up a meal train for us!  We have meals for the next 3 weeks!  We are so very blessed with amazing friends.  I can't say how much this helps.  Last night as I wanted to go to bed at 3pm I was thinking there is no way I could've fed my family tonight.  Thank you Debbie and thanks to all who are bringing us food - such a blessing!!!

Ian and Meisi were asleep by 7 last night.  Ian fell asleep before dinner and felt a little warm :(
I was in bed quickly after... no idea when Aili and Brian went. 

Meisi was crying around 1 - I don't think awake..just crying a little, but went to sleep again quickly.
She woke again around 3:30...strange pattern here...this time she wanted to stay awake..but not me so I put her in bed with me and she fell asleep again until 7am - yay!!  I felt a little more refreshed but still feel like someone is trying to split the two hemispheres of my brain...yes, my head is hurting. 

Poor Ian...he told me his arms hurt, his legs hurt...he ate breakfast then started vomiting. :(  He kept doing it over and over. :(  Please pray for him and the rest of us that we don't get whatever it is. :(  Getting a crash course on dealing with all this with three.

Oh forgot to mention battery in our van was dead when we came home...we charged it and thought it was ok but died again while out getting kids - Thank you Sara for the jump!  Hoping the bad stuff comes in 3s isn't for real....

We are just chilling today trying to recover still.  Kids are watching Toy Story 2 right now.  Love hearing Meisi say, "Uh oh"  in appropriate times. :)   She also says, "Wow!" too.  Such a cute, smart, funny little girl!!  :)  So in love!!

Oh so cute...she just walked around patting herself saying "Mei Mei" (little sister), then points at Aili and says, "Jie Jie" (big sister) then patted Ian's leg and said, "guh guh" (big brother) then patted herself again and said, "Mei Mei"... :)  :)

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  1. So glad to hear that she is adjusting well. I am bring food on saturday & cannot wait to meet her!