Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home One Week!

Doesn't seem real, but we have been home one week today!  I think we are FINALLY over jet lag.  So thankful Meisi has been sleeping well and Ian recovered quickly from his stomach issues. 

I can't say enough how much we appreciate your prayers. We have felt them from day 1.  Thank you!!

It has been amazing to get to know Meisi and see her transition to our Mei Mei. :)
Things we've learned/observed about our little baby girl:

  • She laughs a lot - even makes herself cute when she does the Asian thing of covering her mouth with her hand when she laughs...if we laugh and don't cover our mouth - she will cover our mouth with her hand.

  • She sings herself to sleep - sweetest little songs.  no words..well, if they are words I don't know them.

  • She loves to sing songs with motions (perfect for our family - right?) - she has learned the motions to"itsy bitsy spider."   She wants us to sing it over and over as she does the motions - this started in China.

  • She has the biggest smile when we pick her up and has just started kissing our cheeks and last night my shoulder when trying to get her to sleep. 

  • We started in China forcing her to give hugs and kisses to Aili and Ian each we just say  time for "night night hugs and kisses" and she does it on her own.  :) 

  • She let Ian carry her today, even reached up for him. :) YAY for progress!!

  • She loves to push buttons on anything and amazingly can turn on TV and change channels better than me - lol!

  • She is very clean - picks up anything in floor - which is a lot at our house. 

  • She knows some sign language and the English words - "more", "food", "please", "all done", "Thank you"...  this is from New Hope - not from me!  Again - I know she was very well cared for..

  • Also know she was truly loved there...  When she falls down or bumps something - she pouts and brings it to you to kiss...again - done that since gotcha day - So thankful for New Hope and LWB for loving her so much and for kissing her boo boos before we could. :)

  • She is very smart - picking up language at record speed - now if I can find a Mandarin teacher to keep her Mandarin growing too!  She can say - hi, bye bye, mama, dada, Ian (sounds like I an), Aili (but sounds like Ally), Emmy, stop, no, wow, whoa, shoes...

  • She likes to be pretty. :)  She loves her clothes, shoes, hair in bows. :)  Smiles when she sees herself in mirror :)

  • She has obviously been potty training at New Hope - she isn't fully trained, but she goes each morning and now after naps in the potty!

  • She is sleeping 10-12 hours each night in her crib and 1 hour nap in afternoon.

  • A fun transition we've seen is her going from throwing baby dolls on ground on gotcha day and fiercely shaking her head no to now carrying them around, rocking and kissing them.  Last night she was patting on their bellies saying "Shhh and Ohhh" then kissed them all and said "night night.  :)

  • She will eat anything - but LOVES meat.

  • Have I mentioned her smile lights up any room? 

Is there anything hard?  Yes, but nothing terrible -

  • She is my shadow, follows me everywhere - even to bathroom.

  • She wants to be held 24/7...this is improving...but still mostly wants to be held.  I love the bonding BUT 27 lbs is a lot to carry around ALL the time.

  • Ian and Aili fighting over her attention and love... they love her so much but still learning how to set limits and encourage their obedience while teaching her attention is not a competition...

  • When she wants something - she cries - ear piercing cry.

  • When she is done walking - she stands, stomps, cries and if that doesn't work, collapses onto ground. 

  • Finding alone time with Brian - like having a newborn... I go to sleep when she does....seems like we hardly talk much less touch.

  • Finding a new schedule for my personal quiet time.  Prayer life is great...but finding time to read His Word... hard but desperately need it. 

Some more firsts-

She is amazed by our strange Florida grass...
 Our KY girl on game day!  Wearing her cheer outfit from Aunt Dana worked! We beat Florida!! :)  Think I know what she will be wearing a lot of for the next few weeks!! ;)
 First day of dressing as Cinderella in our play room...first time in our play room. :)
 She LOVES to talk on the phone and uses everything as a phone. :)
 Chilling with her sister. ;)  She mocks everything Aili does... hard shoes for our Aili...prayers appreciated!!
 Brian taught Ian to ride his bike without training wheels!!  Woohoo!!  A big week indeed!!
 First ride in stroller at home, and first trip to the park (Mulberry, just around corner from our house)
 Of course - you need an umbrella in the sunshine state! :)  Can take the girl out of Asia but can't take Asia out of the girl! ;)  Nor would we want to!

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