Tuesday, August 20, 2013

6 Months!!

6 months ago today Meisi became officially our daughter.  :)  Gotcha Day was Feb 18, but we signed all the paperwork making her officially a Simpson on Feb 19.  And a Simpson she is!!  I continue to stand amazed at how perfectly she fits into our family. :)  I hope all these pics will give you a glimpse of the incredible personality our littlest princess has. :)

This month has been so busy.  I guess I didn't realize how busy until I sat down to blog and realize I haven't blogged the entire month!  Wow!!  That is good in respect to I am spending less time on the computer but bad in that now I have a gazillion pictures to share... OK.. so I will try to narrow to a few well...maybe ten or twenty - oops nearly 40! :)  

Meisi has learned some new words but she is a normal two year old and her favorites are "no" and "mine." :)  

Now for the picture marathon.  Maybe someday I will figure out how to set these up better. ;) 

First we went to SC to visit dear friends. 
Surprise trip for our kids to see their BFFs. :)  This was at the American Girl store in Atlanta - tea party for our princesses. :)
Drama Queen - she fits in with us perfectly!! :)  
 Next we went to Virginia to see Brian's side of the family. :)
Grandma finally got to hold Meisi!!
 Ok.. I know I have a lot of pics around the cannons at Williamsburg but my goodness she is such a little model!! :)  I honestly didn't plan the blue and white shirt with the red cannon - but very appropriate!

This girly can't give Daddy enough kisses :)

Remember last post and the drums... she loves them!  Any kind, any where.
Aili really wanted her to try on the bonnet. :)  
Multi-generational pic here from Great Gram down to our kiddos - 4 generations. :)
 We can not go to Virginia without eating at Pierce's BBQ.  Definitely our favorite!
Not sure what they are doing but really funny. :)
 Next stop was Yorktown, VA
Meisi was so excited to get to wear Aili's new hat. :)  She kept saying, "Mommy, Aili hat, Aili hat."  
No trip to Yorktown is complete without a stop to Ben and Jerry's. :)
 Have I mentioned she mimics EVERY thing the kids do (good and bad)? She and Ian are two peas in a pod.

 So cute walking up the road holding hands, laughing and copying each other. :)  Cherishing each moment is hard sometimes but moments like these are priceless. :)

 Can you tell Brian is getting tired of pics?  But Meisi.. still saying "CHEESE!!!"
 Can't believe we had our six month post adoption report already... six months - wow!  These cuties are my dear friends kiddos and our social workers kids with ours. :)  You'd think Ian would be smiling ear to ear with all these beauties....guess that will come with time. ;)

Hair cuts for everyone then Goldfish for treats. :)
 Next stop was to visit my parents in Ft. Meyers Beach.  I just love these pics with my daddy. :)

 Aili says this is "Swimming Pool Awesomeness!"  ;) We aren't allowed to have swim toys in our pools.
 My beautiful princesses.  Meisi was tucking in her bear. :)  Aili getting a hug every chance she can. :)

We went to play mini golf and it was so precious to see my dad helping Meisi at each hole.

The last hole, "Where it go?  Mommy, Where Ball go?"
Meisi's first trip to Animal Kingdom :)

And again.. drums

Dreaming of going back to SEA :)
We thought this was a really cool photo op.   The girl working at Disney said she'd never even noticed it!

Worn out after a long day.  We are all sporting our "One Less" Bracelets to help bring my sweet friend's son home from China. :)  
 Even though tired - a quick stop at Magic Kingdom... Can you tell she was super pumped about the People Mover ride??  :)

Tired, but not done yet this month!  We once again hopped (haha - wish it were that easy) up to SC to see friends then down to Montgomery to visit Brian (he is doing some training there).
LOVE - sums it up!

One happy girl to be with her daddy. :)
Finally headed home today.
I totally agree Meisi!

Ok...if you made it this far I am impressed and pretty certain you feel like Meisi too. ;)  Our baby girl is amazing -so full of life and love.   I can't thank God enough for choosing us to be her family.  

If you have heard that small voice or felt that tug to adopt... don't wait!  You are missing out on more joy than imaginable... 

Now... to be straight- no child is always joyful and loving. And having three at home 24/7 (we homeschool remember?)...  I am tired at the end of the day.  There are days that I try to remember what it was like to have free time by myself.   But I think of how quick time is going and how fleeting life is.  When I let myself - I can even join in on the noise, ignore the clutter, laugh at the chaos, and what I can't enjoy I'm learning to lean on God to help me.  Children are blessings from the Lord.  These precious babies grow up quickly and we only have a short time to shepherd their little hearts.

Enjoy the moments and don't look back with regret of what you wish you'd done.  Especially if that could've or would've is making sure there is ONE LESS broken heart in the world.

Got Love?  ADOPT!!   ;)