I created this tab for those interested in helping us bring Meisi home.

Beautiful "Life" Bracelets:

A dear friend is selling these beautiful bracelets and giving half of the sale to help us bring Meisi home!  They cost $10, if need it shipped, shipping will be added to this.  I love wearing mine!  They are so comfy and as I look down and see "Life" - I can't describe the emotions as I am so thankful for Meisi's precious Life. I have the one with the "bloom" charm too.  Love it - hoping she will bloom as she joins our family. :) 


She has a couple different colors as well.  Check out her Facebook page:!/4CallingBirdsJewelry

Puzzle Fundraiser

We bought this beautiful puzzle

Every $10 will "buy" two puzzle pieces which we will write your names on it like this:

Once puzzle is completed we will hang in double sided frame and display in our home so that we can always see who helped us bring home Meisi. :)  

You can use Paypal button for this donation or mail to us.  Please note whose name you would like on it!

"HeART work"

I made these!! Yes, I can do something crafty (although very little). :) 

I can make these in different colors or other countries.  Just let me know!  These are $20 framed ($25 if shipped) or $10 not framed ($12.50 shipped).  You can also pay for these in person, by mail or paypal - just be sure to include a note to let me know what you are ordering. :) 

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