Sunday, April 13, 2014

2 Years - 90th and final post.

I started this blog two years ago today to journal our journey to our precious daughter.
I was surprised to see this will be the 90th post - would've been 100 but 10 drafts I either never finished or felt inclined not to post.  :)  That is a nice round number to be my final post, don't ya' think?

Funny how in the process it seemed like each step took FOREVER... here we are two years later and  - it seems to have FLOWN by.

The people we've met along this journey are precious.
Love love love looking back and seeing how God weaves our lives together.
How it is so very clear He already knew the plans He has.

My closest friend here in Florida - I never knew her until one day we met at a park to talk adoption a few years ago.
Never would've guessed how that conversation would change the course of two families lives.
Oh how she and her family is a continual blessing to us. :)

The precious friends I've made through my DTC Facebook group.
Friend who I talk to through emails and messages, getting together in person when opportunities arise - lifting one another up in prayer and encouraging through scripture - you are gifts from the Lord.

Thank you, each of you who prayed for us through this journey.  Who encouraged us and affirmed us.  Thank you.

As for adoption, I urge you to pray.  Seek God to see if He is calling you to adopt.  If not - what is He calling you to do - Give?  Go?  He certainly has not called you to do nothing.  Do something!

As for our Meisi... She has taught us so very much.  She is smart and loving...
She is compassionate to people and animals.

 She is silly as can be. :)
 She is beautiful (and I don't even want to think about the day she will really need a dress like this)

 She loves making music. :)

 She lights up our life with her smile.

 Umm...did I mention silly already?
 She LOVES Mickey and Minnie's House (as she calls WDW).
 She has taught me so much about slowing down and truly smelling the flowers.

 She loves to help.

 She is a 'super hero.'
 No, really, she is...

 She is strong, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

She is always ready for our next adventure.

Most importantly - she is loved beyond measure and I'm pretty sure she knows that. :)  

I am blessed.  So very thankful for the gifts God has given me even though I don't always slow down enough to enjoy them.  Blessed beyond measure and trying hard to savor each moment with my precious littles as they grow so so quickly.

Faith, Hope and Love...but the greatest of these is love...

Got love?  Adopt!!!!

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