Sunday, April 13, 2014

2 Years - 90th and final post.

I started this blog two years ago today to journal our journey to our precious daughter.
I was surprised to see this will be the 90th post - would've been 100 but 10 drafts I either never finished or felt inclined not to post.  :)  That is a nice round number to be my final post, don't ya' think?

Funny how in the process it seemed like each step took FOREVER... here we are two years later and  - it seems to have FLOWN by.

The people we've met along this journey are precious.
Love love love looking back and seeing how God weaves our lives together.
How it is so very clear He already knew the plans He has.

My closest friend here in Florida - I never knew her until one day we met at a park to talk adoption a few years ago.
Never would've guessed how that conversation would change the course of two families lives.
Oh how she and her family is a continual blessing to us. :)

The precious friends I've made through my DTC Facebook group.
Friend who I talk to through emails and messages, getting together in person when opportunities arise - lifting one another up in prayer and encouraging through scripture - you are gifts from the Lord.

Thank you, each of you who prayed for us through this journey.  Who encouraged us and affirmed us.  Thank you.

As for adoption, I urge you to pray.  Seek God to see if He is calling you to adopt.  If not - what is He calling you to do - Give?  Go?  He certainly has not called you to do nothing.  Do something!

As for our Meisi... She has taught us so very much.  She is smart and loving...
She is compassionate to people and animals.

 She is silly as can be. :)
 She is beautiful (and I don't even want to think about the day she will really need a dress like this)

 She loves making music. :)

 She lights up our life with her smile.

 Umm...did I mention silly already?
 She LOVES Mickey and Minnie's House (as she calls WDW).
 She has taught me so much about slowing down and truly smelling the flowers.

 She loves to help.

 She is a 'super hero.'
 No, really, she is...

 She is strong, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

She is always ready for our next adventure.

Most importantly - she is loved beyond measure and I'm pretty sure she knows that. :)  

I am blessed.  So very thankful for the gifts God has given me even though I don't always slow down enough to enjoy them.  Blessed beyond measure and trying hard to savor each moment with my precious littles as they grow so so quickly.

Faith, Hope and Love...but the greatest of these is love...

Got love?  Adopt!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Snowy Trip to KY, warmth to my heart.

Again...belated but with all the snow that covered most of the US (excluding Florida of course)... I have to include this post. :)

In February I got a rare treat - time away from family to be with amazing Godly women who love the Lord and have a heart for adoption.  What could be better?  Well... at this weekend I got to meet in REAL life some beautiful ladies who have encouraged and cheered on one another throughout our adoption journey on Facebook in our, 'DTC group.'

This conference was incredible.  My spirit so desperately needed this time away to spend with my Lord, and getting to know my sweet roomie better (she was also in our DTC group).  It was great to get to hug necks but not exactly what I envisioned for meeting.  The relationship on Facebook and what we share with one another - it is beautiful.  I am so thankful for each of these ladies and that I got to 'know them' some on this journey of life.  What being together in real life did was help me realize there is a very REAL difference between Facebook friends and face to face friends.  Oddly, going there I thought I would struggle more afterwards knowing I would be removing myself from social media soon (blog and Facebook)... However, God used it to show me there is a difference.  It actually makes signing off easier. :)  Oh, don't get me wrong - still going to completely go through withdrawals, but the time it will allow me to invest more in my face to face relationships will be priceless and I hope to keep in touch with a few of these precious ladies through email. 

While I was having my cup filled up at the Created 4 Care Conference... my kids were enjoying snow and family in Kentucky.  

I flew into Louisville after the conference and was so thankful to hug my dear hubby and kids necks.  We were thrilled to drive by our old house in Louisville, eat at our favorite pie kitchen and visit with our precious friends who continually bless us by their prayers and friendship.  Those friends who we were bound to through studying God's word together and even though time and distance separates us, when we get together it is just like it was (only we have many many more kids between us now). :)  I love these guys and how they will always drop everything to make a visit work out when we are coming into the area.  Truly thank God each time I remember them... I totally get what Paul meant!

Regardless where we are on this earth - Kentucky will always be home. For those who haven't been there - ahhhh.. I took picture after picture.  Breathtaking isn't it?

When going to Kentucky, it is usually to visit our dear friends who we met in a young married couples class 13 years ago.  Funny to think back to the late nights of playing cards and hanging out without kids to looking at us now.  These families are more like family than friends. :)  Our kids call them "Aunt" and "Uncle" and consider their kids cousins.  We try to get together at least once every year for the last 13 years.  Granted, it hasn't happened every year, but very close!  I love these people to the moon and back.  So blessed that God chose to put them in our lives.  Blessing upon blessing they continually pour out on us. 

The amazing family they are - they let me us crash there longer than expected as the snow storm prevented travel south then I got sick.  We decided to take a slower route home which allowed us to visit my "Nanny-gal."  Yes, that is her name. :)  

My sweet Nanny... she adores our kids - all of them. :)  They adore her too.  I wish we were closer in proximity.  Hard to be so far away.  

Final leg of our trip was a surprise to our kiddos - going to visit besties. :)  Oh how I love this family...  If you don't have those friends that you can share everything with, truly everything - to love you, pray with you, cry with you, lift you up and smack you in the face with honesty - you need one.  

If your kids don't have BFFs that they can share all those things with - pray that God sends them.  Our girls have been BFFs since they were two.  We've lived in the same state, different states, and soon different countries, but I pray their relationship continues to grow even through the miles.  Thankful for iMessage, FaceTime and Skype so they can keep in touch. 

Our boys - even carry the same name and born just a few days apart.  Like brother they are.  

They love our newest addition to the moon too. :)  And she loves them  - when we pulled up in their driveway - Meisi exclaimed, "We are home!"  Close dear...close.

Of course, when we pulled away.. they cried and cried and cried until they finally fell asleep. My heart was sad too. :(

I am thankful for the friends God has given us in each of the 9 moves we've made the last 15 years.  Each of you have become part of us and who we are today.  Thank you.  Thank you for loving us, for praying for and with us.  While it isn't always easy to open ourselves up to new friendships on this journey - we've found in doing so, life is lived more fully.  God made us for a relationships with Him and for relationships with one another.  Thank you for investing in us whether it has been for a year or over ten.  Thank you for  continuing to grow and go with us in this journey.  We truly love you and thank God for you!