Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Month Ago today!

I can't believe it has already been one month since we were officially given our sweet daughter.  She has joined our family seamlessly.  Brian said, "It is like she has always been in our family...just dislocated from us until now." So so true.  So thankful for God choosing us to be her family.  So thankful we said yes to His call.  She has brought so much joy to us.  I promise I am not sugar coating our blogs.... it really has been this amazing!  She is amazing!  Such a brave little girl, full of love and life.  I can't explain how much we all love her... can't explain how that love has grown for months before we even met her...can't explain how we loved her from the moment we saw her picture months ago...JUST like we did the days we first saw Aili and Ian.  She is ours and we are hers.  Forever...

A few more recent pics of our sweetie

Riding in car with brother - look no hands...ummm yep - that was Ian's idea!

Dancing to the music with the big sisters... and not looking in direction driving - girls!! lol

Our friend Yunfei made a delicious Chinese meal for us... and seriously - licking the bowl clean...seriously....

Have always LOVED bath time and how precious our babies are in hooded towels... Oh my - I LOVE her!!
 First time with the popcorn maker - she kept making popping sounds and using finger to pop her cheeks to try to make sound - too cute!

Someday I will figure out how to upload videos on here...  They show her personality even more.. She really is this happy and healthy. 

One last picture (not sure why this one won't turn around..taken on my phone)- my friend Karen got this for us and it couldn't be more perfect.  I love this verse on here and have said it many times during this process. 

All good and perfect things come from above and He is the giver of life and JOY - unspeakable JOY!!! 

Have you been praying for a child?  Is God whispering "adopt" in your ear?  Please, please listen.... Please also let me know - I will pray with you for God's timing and His will...  He first whispered in our ears 14 years ago!  14 years before He gave us our daughter....  During that time - Brian went through some fears and had some "reluctant dad" thoughts and feelings... Maybe so we can reach out to you?  We are here to pray and talk with you....  It was a talking with my dear friend Debbie about 2 years ago that God used to spur us to this point...being filled with love and joy with a daughter that is an orphan no more. 
How do you change the lives of 147 MILLION orphans?  One at a time! :)


  1. Oh please, pray for me!! I am praying seriously about this right now....Jewish mom and I am 55 and dh 62....I'm sure he has NO interest but I know G-d can take care of that! :) Waiting for the right moment to bring it up and see what happens....

  2. Penny I am praying for you and your hubby. Thank you for sharing.