Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sidewalk chalk and trampoline :)

I'm certain each day will have some new firsts for our new little bundle of joy, but here are a couple I captured...

Sidewalk chalk -
 She does everything her big sis does - ummm....which is a prayer request - lol ;) 
Before I get a ton of negative comments on trampoline safety - we are totally aware and the kids have very strict rules on it.... I realize risks exist with these... 

Meisi LOVED it!! 
 Ian trying hard to not touch Meisi as that is one of our rules - no touching each other...hard rule to follow with our excited two year old! 

Today - unfortunately we have more blood work for our little sweetie.  They ordered so much the Quest folks said they couldn't draw it all in one draw as you can't take that much from a small child.  So Brian took her back today to get more drawn. :(  I stayed home and tried to get some school done with Aili and Ian - our first day back to it.  Wow.... prayers needed here. :)  Not sure how I am going to do this with Meisi here. I know we are supposed to be doing it....just have to figure out how to make it all work!!
Anyone have a pack and play or highchair we could borrow??  Someone suggested putting her in those with toys/coloring books, etc. This would only be for short intervals as I give instructions for the kiddos. 

Let me also just say the dinners brought have been AMAZING!!!  Thank you sooo much!!!  Many firsts for Meisi I am sure - ham, lasagna, mac and cheese, roast with potatoes...  She has eaten everything!  Funny story - while in Anhui our guide Faye told us that Anhui girls love all types of potatoes...well. so so true!  Our little sweetie LOVES potatoes - any kind - shredded, baked, mashed, fries, chips...  She also LOVES meat.  So cute last night eating the roast and potatoes... she just kept laughing and laughing like it was the most wonderful thing she'd ever had.  Wouldn't let me leave a shred of beef in her bowl.  So so cute! 

She also finally is eating dried fruit IF we cut it up!  She had only had 4 BMs since 2/18.  We tried giving her dried fruit in China and she refused...also wasn't real fond of watermelon.  Brian cut up the prune and voila!  She eats them up!  Now we have had 3 BMs in 2 days!  I think she has lost weight!  and PRAISE THE LORD - we are done with stool samples!!! lol  That was the grossest thing I have EVER done! 

Dana and Jessie - LOOK - the matching outfits!!  :)  Thanks so much for the cute clothes and shoes for our girls!!  Love you all!! 

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