Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Eggstravaganza and 1st time to Church

We had so much fun this week and weekend!! 
So nice to finally be out and about.  I will share about our "educational" trips later... for now - our fun times at church. :)

This weekend our church had Easter Eggstravaganza.  Meisi had her first Easter egg hunt, her first bouncy house, first fishing, duck pond and ring toss games, puppet show, balloon animals, first time seeing her brother with face paint... It was fun! :) 

We also took Meisi to church for the first time!  She and Aili were so cute in their matching outfits!  Love my precious children!! :)  Meisi did such a great job throughout service.  Aside from a few, "uh ohs" from dropping cheerios..she was super quiet and good.  She liked bouncing along to the music and giving people, "High 5's" during the, "say hello to someone you don't know time." :)

Being able to worship with her WITH us... like a dream come true... 
God is so good and faithful!

This is Ian trying to get Meisi to make a silly face. :) lol
The "greatest of these" is definitely LOVE!!!  We are so blessed!!

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