Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meisi meets Emmy

Many of you have asked..

So how is Meisi doing with Emmy??

Emmy is our ten year old Labrador. A dear friend - Karen watched loved on her for us the ENTIRE time we were in China and then some.  We didn't bring Emmy home for a few days after we returned. I think we got her on Wednesday last week (3/6).  We wanted to give Meisi some time to adjust to her new home first. 

There first meeting was full of fear and tears...  I mean - screaming, crying if Emmy even looked at her - even while Emmy was OUTSIDE and Meisi was INSIDE...  We kept Emmy downstairs the first night because Aili usually calls her to her room and well, Meisi now sleeps in that room so that wasn't going to work...

I admit being a bit concerned at first, but Meisi started warming up in a few days.  Slowly she would get closer to Emmy or talk to her from a distance.  She makes this clicking noise and calls Emmy - too cute.  She has learned to say "Emmy".  She learned that quick as she cried it out a few times those first couple days! 

Tonight - just over one week later...I'd say she is very warmed up. :)

As Aili and I were walking Meisi upstairs to go to bed tonight... Aili said, "I would like to help this little blessing get up to bed" :) Melts my heart..."this little blessing".

What a blessing she is. :)  She is a very happy, loving, funny little girl.  She has brought us more joy than I could've dreamt possible. :)  So loved!

We have started having a little more difficulty getting her to go to sleep.  She was going to sleep quickly, now taking a little longer.  She wants to stay up to play or sing or dance or be held... She must have Brian or I in the room to get to sleep otherwise the tears start.  It is so sweet to listen to her little voice sing and amazing to watch her flexibility of her doing splits in her crib while keeping herself awake.  Yet, what was taking 10 minutes is now taking close to 2 hours to get her to sleep.  I guess I need to find a way to run more energy out of her during the day.  Now to be clear - I wouldn't mind if she stayed up late and woke up late...we are night owls... but her internal alarm goes off at 7am regardless if she goes to sleep at 7pm or 10pm.  Have I mentioned how much I like sleep??

Speaking of which - I'd better go get some or else I will again be a sleepy Mama tomorrow!

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  1. We have the same sleep issues with Darren...must be a cute China child thing :)