Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland

Now that we are officially a family of 5 we must do our first Disney trip with our little sweetie!  So, why not make it a new experience for all of us???  We have to fly out of Hong Kong so we are taking a couple extra days to relax and enjoy our new expanded family. :)  So so glad we did this!  We LOVED our time here!! 

Everyone kept telling us it is very small, so we chose to only go for one day... Well, they are only open from 10-8 and we were unable to do everything there....didn't see a single show and only rode a few things. They do have fastpasses for 3 rides but stopped issuing them early.   One day is better than none though!  

We had been told they had fancy sports cars here in Hong Kong - even their cars at Disney are fancy!  They light up down the side!!

Just like Aili and Ian - Meisi LOVES the drums here!  Making noise is always fun!!
Our favorite part of the park was Toy Story Land - nothing like it back home!!  This is a parachute ride!  Meisi and I watched and she kept saying "Whoa!" Everytime it went up and down... so so cute!
Me and My babies at Tarzan's Treehouse -much like Huck Finn's island - a fun land - hard to see waterfall behind us but it is there. :)
Thankfully - she sleeps well in the well. :)  Ian - "Yep, she's asleep."  :)  Just like our disney - we could've bought a stroller for what this cost to rent - it was about $20 USD for the day. Live and Learn...

She really liked the Pooh ride - and just like home it is a LONG wait!  Worth it for this smile though!
BUT by far - our favorite ride was "A small world" - oh my word!!!  I've always loved this ride at WDW but here - they incorporated Disney characters into each region AND the Asian part was fantastic!!  Wish we would've found it sooner -only able to ride it once!  Wow!  Even the entry way had Meisi's attention... She kept saying "Wow!" 

We always end a Disney night with a treat....what a treat to be had!  Here the cotton candy is on light up sticks!  WOW!!!  Above and beyond all I could've imagined!  Living in Fl, we thought we had to come here but I would say -  This is a MUST DO for your trip if you are going through Hong Kong for anyone!  The tickets are much cheaper is about the same, but so worth it in my opinion!  So great to have a day of fun with no adoption paperwork.  We were tired and sick on way here and I was questioning if we made the right decision - but no question now!   A Magical Day for sure!


  1. OK so I might be a little on the jealous side!!! How COOL is that???!!! Sounds like SO much fun!

  2. Looks like you guys did a lot of the same thing we did on our trip to Hong Kong. :)