Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tours, comfort, discomfort and laundry :)

Thank you so much for all your comments, prayers, facebook posts... I can't tell you what it means to me and I wish I could respond to each one.  I am usually typing this when Meisi is napping or after she goes to bed at night- so time is a bit limited. Please do know how thankful I am for each of you though. :)  Your comments and posts lift my heart and spirit. 

Wednesday we went to a memorial for a "Just and Righteous Judge." Oh how I wish they knew the most Just and Righteous Judge... It was very interesting hearing the Chinese tragedies that went along with this memorial.  Beautiful area as well.  The kids were not as interested as the adults..but they did enjoy the snow. :)  Not sure if it was Meisi's first time touching it but it was her first time with us!

Meisi had a huge meltdown this morning.  Our guide had told me I needed to put more clothes on her Tuesday (she only had 3 layers on)... So Wednesday I did four, yes four layers and Meisi was not happy about it.  She cried and cried, especially when in the room where it is SOOO hot!  We have had the heat off the entire time we are here and it is still at least 80 degrees in this room.  There is no way to turn on the A/C.not even sure if there is one.  She was so uncomfortable in all those clothes...

I tired carrying her in the Ergo and she didn't much care for that either.  She did finally get down to walk a bit. 

We had our first trip to Wal-mart in China and the adjoining mall today. We walked there after visiting the memorial...a funny side note... Every so often here in China there are areas with exercise equipment... pretty cool - like an outdoor gym only no instructors and no instructions... Not sure if Karen is using this correctly, but fun anyway! 

While at the mall, Aili and Ian got lots of smiles.  When people saw Meisi there were both smiles and confused looks.  Many asked where her Mama and Baba were - they were even more confused when we said we were her Mama and then they'd ask her and she'd look to us and smile.  They would tell us how Aili and Ian look like us - all this through Chinese and sign language.  Touching our hair and the kids hair shaking head, then touching Meisi's hair and my hair and shaking no...

I have been very comfortable here until today with the looks and questions... Brian and I have traveled a lot - 13 countries outside of US - mostly mission trips, mostly to Asian countries.  Each Asian country's culture and people are alike and different.  The crazy driving, the mopeds, the crowds, the bumping and pushing, the spitting, the squatty potties, the stares...none of this bothers me.  Brian and I were talking about how at home we felt here.  It seems natural to us.  My heart aches for these people who live in darkness.  God has given us such a heart and burden for the lost here in Asia.  We pray for each soul that we pass.  Who knows if a smile or a picture or.... could make a difference in their life.  We keep praying God will use us however He can while here.  I wish we spoke more Mandarin... as there is ample opportunity to share His great love for us and how we too are adopted by the most loving Father.  In the midst of my comfort here in China...these stares of question brought me a tad bit of discomfort...  My discomfort today came when I realized that the majority have no understanding of adoption.  Some looked worried that she was with us as though we may have kidnapped her.  We had a guide teach us to say adoption (Shou Yang) so that we could try to explain in the future.  I wish I could just say more than just adoption though... There is so much more to adoption than just that one word...  Ahhh...I could go on and on...

We did have some comfort food for us at the mall - Korean BBQ!!  lol...yes, we are a bit strange, but it really is comfort food for us..usually...  Trying to order Korean in Chinese in China...not as comforting though.  It wasn't as tasty either, but still good. The kids really enjoyed the desert - watermelon. :)

Another thing to note for those coming here - laundry is $$$  We could've bought some new clothes or packed an extra bag I think for what we just paid - lol.  Of course there are 5 of us who had laundry done... it was nearly $150!!!  Yikes!!  And that was supposedly using the cheap person through our guide - the hotel is even more pricey!  We didn't even send out our socks and undies (washed those in the room sink). 

Ok... strange way to end a post but I started this one on it is Thursday and so much happened today... So...onto the next post I go - love you guys and thanks so much for your continued prayers and support! :)


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  1. Wow! That is some expensive laundry! What a surprise! We miss you guys a ton. We are so excited to see the pictures and hear about your awesome adventure. Eli really enjoyed the pictures of Meisi and Ian laughing! We are continuing to lift you up. Love you guys. Karey