Thursday, February 21, 2013

Firsts (pool and zoo) and lasts (orphanage and abandonment)

Meisi had a couple firsts last night and today (at least firsts with us...hate to be redundant but I have no idea if it is truly her first -just know it is OUR first TOGETHER as a Family).

We went to the pool here in the hotel.  The first for us was that we had to buy water caps...yes, we are lovely I know - don't laugh!!  Meisi LOVED the pool.  I only let her kick her feet and splash but that was great fun for her!  :) Just realized pics at pool is on Brian's phone and he is asleep...will have to add those later!!

This morning we went to the zoo here in Hefei.  It was actually a really nice zoo.  I chose to put fewer layers on Meisi today and she was much happier. :)  She did however only want Brian to carry her.  She liked the stroller (which our guide got for us at the zoo) for all of about 15 minutes, but at least she rode in it some!  Poor Brian is worn out!  When Aili and Ian were little they always wanted me to carry them, cried for me all the time.  They'd let Brian hold them until I came home but as soon as I was there - it was me they wanted.  Meisi is the opposite - if Brian is here she only wants him.  She lets me hold her if he isn't around, she wants me to put her to bed and wants me to bathe her and change her, but mostly she wants Brian.  The difference is that she weighs almost 30 lbs - so she is a bit heavy to pack around.

Ok...some zoo pics (Including some really cute daddy daughter moments...I'm telling ya' - she loves him). :)  We did see a giant panda - so so cute...but picture isn't that great of quality so I didn't post.

Now for some lasts... 

We asked our guide to take us to her finding spot.  She did but since already driving 2.5 hours and her finding spot was right next to the orphanage we stopped by there too.  Meisi was only there for 2 months and a few days so we hadn't really planned to go see it.  We had already visited New Hope and LWB Heartbridge unit where she has spent most of her life being loved and cared for.  However, the orphanage director really wanted us to come by.  So, we did.  Aili and Ian didn't want to go inside so they stayed in the van with Brian and Meisi.  The director was sad that they didn't come in but I think he understood.  They were so sweet having set up a table of fruit for us to have. Karen and I went into the administrative building then we went into the orphanage.  He says there have been over 300 children adopted from 40 countries including 38 domestic adoptions from Dingyuan SWI in the past 12 years.  We only got to see one floor of the orphanage and one room in it.  I thought they were all boys when in fact they were all girls mostly 3-7 year old, except for one little boy whose parents were dead.  I don't know how to verbalize what I saw or felt.....

I brought the clothes she was wearing when given to us with me on our journey.  Our guide asked the director if they needed them (and after visiting I felt they did).  He was grateful to have them back.  So, here is the last picture of the clothes our little Princess came to us in -
He did tell me Meisi was not left with a note and they no longer had her clothes she was wearing when they found her.  He couldn't really explain how LWB was contacted either.  He said most children are left in public places and most left are girls. Now, this is not the case across China as there are more boys than girls in most orphanages here but this is what he told us for Dingyuan. 

Next, we went to Meisi's finding spot.  It was where we were standing, just beneath an apartment.
Of course, I wondered if her birth mom lived upstairs... Our guide asked if they had any idea who her parents were and he said no.  Another man came up (as did lots of other people) asking if we were looking for her parents... our guide, Faye, who is so sweet quickly told him no, we are her parents.  Like many here he asked why we would want to adopt another when we already have two...  :(  Oh how I wish I could talk to these people and how I wish she would've told me that is what he said when he said it.  Children are gifts - not burdens...  They are meant for families and love.  My heart hurt while standing there.  Hurt for Meisi's birth mom who chose life but for whatever reason couldn't be her Mama.  Of course, Meisi had no idea why we were there or even where we were.  Brian and I hugged and kissed her.  Told her we loved her and would always be her Mama and Baba...  As we told her these things, people surrounded us and our beautiful daughter let that precious smile of hers out and even in the dense smog - I felt the sun shining. :) 

She is an amazing gift to us - we are so thankful and love her more than words can say.  I know we may have to deal with some hard things in her life someday but for today we are enjoying the moments  as worry will not add a single hour to our life....and when those hard days come - we will seek Him first and lean not on our own understanding....

"Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is love"  1 Corinthians 13:13

Got love?......


  1. What words can be expressed, I can only feel after reading this. =) Thanks dear friend, your words are so full of meaning--thanks for sharing. What a beautiful love story.

  2. Let me guess what's in the snack cup...Cheerios? :)

  3. What a precious time of closing doors & opening up to new beginnings! I'm glad to find your blog, hope to follow more of your story... We are making our way to our daughter, also originally from Dingyuan SWI. We'd love to connect with you & we will be praying for your family as you transition! Blessings to you all! -MJ