Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anhui to Guangzhou

Our last day in Anhui was pretty relaxing.  We waited for Meisi's passport to be done and paperwork to be completed.  We took a little trip to LWB Anhui Healing Home which was amazing. :) I just can't say enough good things about Love Without Boundaries.  To see some of these precious babies in real life that we've been praying for...  Hard to not fall in love with them all.  There is a little cutie with CHD there who isn't paper ready yet, but oh my heart....

Our last meal in Anhui was again at KFC (yes, I said we didn't need to go back, but we were very short on time to eat dinner)... Ian's prayer there was so precious "Thank you God for letting us come here to get Meisi and for letting us have so much fun here...."  Oh, my!  Thank you for your prayers for our precious children.  They truly have been fantastic and I am so thankful they have truly enjoyed themselves and for the amazing health we have all had while here.  God is so good!  Oh - Meisi had her first fry there - yes, they serve fries at KFC here. 

We are now in Guangzhou which is the final leg of our China Adoption journey for Meisi.Our flight was delayed so we didn't get to the hotel until midnight but everyone did great!  Meisi was a wiggle worm and totally wore me out, but she didn't cry until we landed.  Then she cried hard, very hard.  As though the people weren't staring enough, they were all staring at us then. Bless her heart.  We read in an update once that she didn't like to be awoken  I think that along with her ears hurting led to the screaming she did while waiting to unload the plane.  She calmed down once she had water and fell asleep again.  :) 

I realized today how short of time we have left here.  I am sad. Sorry friends - I do miss you and can't wait for you to meet our little sweetheart.... but I also love being here. I love the culture, I love the food - oh the food.... and I really do love the people here. I will miss China. Didn't realize how much my heart still longs to be here in Asia until being here....

Aili and Ian have been so amazing on this journey. The biggest struggle for them has been wanting to hug and kiss on Meisi and she hasn't really allowed them too - pushes them away - which makes them sad. For breaks his little heart. Tonight though - they had so much fun playing with her in our gigantic room that we got upgraded to (again - God is awesome). :) I wish I knew how to post video - they laughed so hard all together. It was priceless. 

Tonight before bed - she gave them each a very nice hug - melted their hearts I could see it in their eyes.  They love her so much!  What a blessing to see and feel their love. :)  Please pray that she continues to open up to them and allows their hugs and kisses more. We are such a huggy family...

Another answer to prayer is the medical exam. While other sweet babies cried - our little cutie laughed while being examined. 

The doctor said, "She is beautiful" when we first came in and then again after examining - he said, "She really looks great." :)  When they took her to do the TB test (which they now do with a blood draw for those over 2 years old), they wouldn't let us go with her.   They had her in the room for such a long time our guide went in to see what was wrong ....bless her little heart - she is like her Mama - veins are small and hard to find.  They had three different people in there trying to get her blood.  She cried so hard but calmed quickly in her Daddy's arms. 

While standing there waiting for Meisi I realized how many families were there at once (at least 15, maybe 20 families)...  Chills... all these precious children with their new families....  Never been in a room with more love than this I don't believe. 

Obviously I can't end a post with such a sad picture - so here is this one... Love how she knows us... I'm snapping away taking pics of our cutie (just can't take enough). :)  Brian asks, "Where is Mama?"
No idea how so much cuteness is in one little girl. :)

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  1. She is PRECIOUS! I love reading about children finding their families, but especially finding homes in Christian families. Such a blessing to read about your sweet family and your time in China!