Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guangzhou Zoo

We went to the Guangzhou zoo today and IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! 

Now, we are zoo loving people and I was totally impressed!!  The kids had so much fun!  Another family is here who has a beautiful 8 year old daughter that has been such a God send for Aili.  She was already enjoying herself but with O - she is loving it here!  :)  They are so cute together. :)  Love how God times things perfectly. :)  There are 8 families here with our agency - 5 are all on one bus and us and the Miller's (the family with the 8 year old) in another - the third family hasn't joined us for anything yet.  We are just really enjoying our time here. 

I carried Meisi in the Ergo again today -much much better and incredibly thankful for it today as it was a lot of walking!  Thank you Alisa for letting me borrow it!!  We took over 200 pics at the zoo, it was hard to narrow down what to post here.  We could get so close to the animals - it was fantastic!  Here are just a few of my favorites (have many animal shots too, but decided to leave those out). :)

Meisi is looking at the panda - can you see it?  Bottom right  - sorry I need photography classes to learn how to not make the background blurry!  Loved seeing her put her head down like that to see. :) 

She is really warming up to the kids... we are so very blessed!  Love these kiddos more than words can express!

Ian was getting tired of posing for pics. :)

The Ergo carrier is a life saver when she is asleep... 27 lbs is hard for me to carry without help! 

Isn't this just beautiful??  This is the north gate of the zoo.  Of course, being a family of five is a wonderful new blessing too!!

After this we went to eat at a Manchurian restaurant.  I can't say enough about the delicious food.  Our guide Kelly is simply amazing!  She orders for us so that we get a good selection for our two families.  I am gaining weight while here!! 
 I will eventually put a post of funny signs but this is hilarious - this is the restaurant we ate at today...
LOL - "Food massage"  - no idea!  They didn't massage any food that we saw!  I think it should say "foot massage" because that is downstairs.  Also - "go to second floor in the parking lot"?  hahah... Maybe we could make a business to fix all the English on the signs!  hahah  Regardless what the sign said - the food was AMAZING!!!
Outside they had a traditional carriage for brides - the kids thought it was great fun!
After eating Kelly walked with us back to the hotel... I can't explain how much I love seeing the real China... seeing the people and the way they live, the back alleys...  Love like agape love...  I know I say love a lot.... but what I feel here is hard to explain... 
It was so wonderful to see how relaxed our kids were here.  Aili was dancing down the street!  ahhhh
Ian wanted to buy all the fruit!  The fruit he is standing by is called Durian fruit... or "stinky fruit".  It isn't even allowed in our hotel!  haha... Boy, did it ever bring back memories of Indonesia....

Brian and I both love it here!  Nothing to do with the availability of western culture - we haven't been to starbucks or mcdonalds or 7/11....   Not sure what it is about this that I am so drawn to.....why my heart longs to stay here...but it does.....  


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  1. So you are in a warmer climate now. Everyone is out of their winter coats. Glad the zoo was great! Ann Evans