Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday our Precious Daughter :)

What an incredibly special day!!!   Meisi's second birthday and her "birth day" into our family!!  Today we made everything official - she is our daughter (of course she has been in our hearts since August). :) 

Introducing our 2 year old - Meisi Zhen Simpson :)  Also known as Mei Mei (little sister), Zhen Zhen and sweet Meisi :) 

 I'm gonna back up a little to last night. :)  We ate at the noodles shop in the hotel and let me tell you..this little cutie can throw down some noodles. :)  She is also a ham.  She had us all belly laughing with her cute looks and sweet, silly spirit. :)  One thing she had not yet done for us was stand up or walk. If we sat her down, she cried and became limp, immediately stopping when we picked her up again.  Well, after dinner she pointed to the ground and look!!! 
We walked round and round the lobby.  She loved kicking her boots up high and walking. :)  One time Aili let go and stopped to look at rocks.  Meisi, Ian and I walked on and she yelled, "Mama...Jei Jei (sp?)"  That means big sister...it was so sweet!!  She was worried we were leaving Aili. :)

When we got back to the room, more belly laughs for all of us. She adores the phone and keys!  Definitely her two favorite toys so far!

 She went to sleep quickly last night and slept until we woke her 10 hours later.  She truly is amazing!  She held my hand through the little crib until she went to sleep...it was priceless!!!  This morning..she woke and wanted me to cuddle her.  Ahhh..her sweet little head on my chest...I love her so much.  I also love how she hugs Brian when he holds her.  :)  She is just so cute we can't quit taking pics of her. :)

 After the Civil affairs office (where she officially became our daughter), we came back to the room to find a cake here! :) They also had little white Hello Kitty plates and the cutest little flower candle. :) Meisi was tired, but Aili and Ian couldn't wait to have the cake.  I was trying to teach her to blow out the candle. She didn't much care for the birthday hat but did really like the cake.  

Afterwards she enjoyed running around the room with Ian, playing with her balloons, blowing bubbles with Aili and watching TV (cheerios is her new favorite food). 

While Meisi and I napped Brian, Karen and the kids went for a walk in this beautiful wintry wonderland!  :)  I forgot to mention we woke to about 4 inches of snow!  It was so beautiful - an absolutely perfect day!!!  The kids were so excited to see the snow - even Meisi! :) 

Last but not least - bed time again.  She is playing with her Hello Kitty doll Grandma got her for her birthday.  It has taken her some time to warm up to her lovey, baby dolls and stuffed items, but she really loved on them all tonight. :) 
Can't help but overload you on pictures!!  She is just so cute we can't help it!!  Oh - she is smart too (hehe, I know all parents think their kid is the smartest). :)  She has already learned to say, "Uh Oh, Yummy, Hello, Thank you and of course every 2 year old's favorite - No!"  :) She even said "Aili" today! :) 
Thank you for your continued prayers!  Everyone is amazed at how well she is doing.  It really has seemed like a dream.  My response is always that we have many people praying for us and we are feeling and seeing God's hand move here. Thank you.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue to bond, for our health (Meis has a cough and congestion which we are treating - Brian and I are feeling a bit achy today), and for Aili and Ian.  They are going a bit stir crazy in this hotel.  So, if anyone knows something to do in Anhui - please let us know! lol
We love you all and are so thankful and blessed because of you and your prayers for us!  :)


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Meisi! What an awesome gift you received today, A Family! Answered prayers....

    I love how she seems to always be smiling. Love how she was concerned you were leaving Aili. Love how she's learning so quickly.

    Praying for all of your health. So happy to see an update with photos.

    We went to the zoo.. Not sure you want to do that if it's snowing. :-)

    Miss you guys!

  2. Love all the pictures!!!! She is sooo cute and love seeing how she is grafting into our family. We will continue to pray for you guys!

  3. God is so good!! I had to keep wiping away tears as I read your updates since meeting Meisi!!! Our family is continuing to pray for you and your family!!! Happy birthday, Meisi!!!

  4. Beautiful. Happy Double Birthday to Sweet Meisi Simpson!

  5. Oh Deidra, the smiles in these pictures say so much! I am so glad that she is doing so well. I can;t wait for her & Madison to meet:)

  6. Wow, this is so wonderful. We are so happy and praising God with you! Praying for you all...thinking of you lots! Sold another bracelet today! Hurray! Hugs, C

  7. Congratulations! We are so happy for your family. We can't wait to meet her.
    Catherine and David

  8. She looks so happy!! Congrats on your new little girl and Happy Birthday to Meisi.

  9. LOVE this! We are so happy for you all. We are praying and will continue. We cannot wait to meet Meisi! Happy, Happy Birthday to her in so many ways and to your family!!!!!