Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Showered with Blessings

God is so good.

Waiting is Hard. Very Hard...that will be another post. ;)  

But God is so good!

The past couple weeks God has blessed me through dear friends.  First - we finally made it to Kentucky (this is home for me).  Something about the familiarity, the close is good for my heart.
Our kids (both also born in KY) want to move back!  LOL  They were so excited to see snow!  Yep- we even let them play with the dirty snow piled up at Target in Lexington.  Mind you, I would NEVER let them do this if we actually lived where it snowed.  However, being snow deprived, a little dirt won't hurt!  I didn't let them eat it - I promise!!  

It was so wonderful to be with close friends - eating at familiar places (Fazoli's doesn't exist down here).  The three of us (Shepherd's, Fuller's and ourselves) met in  a new married class in 2001.  We have tried to get together around Christmas time every year since.  Special friends and Special times. :)

Showered with Blessings?!!? Absolutely!  Before leaving Lexington, my dear friend Dana gave me all this for Meisi!  Yep, those are all clothes!  The child has more than all of us combined I think!  :)  It was fun to come home from our trip and hang them in her closet and fold them to put away in drawers. :)  

When I returned to Fl my dear friend Debbie (who has been a gift from God throughout the adoption process) had a shower for me!
Wow!  I was completely overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness in the decorations, the cake (which was a delicious cake with lemon filling - yep filling), even the cups and napkins were thought out....

Then all our sweet friends here who gathered for the shower wrote well wishes to Meisi.  Cannot wait to hang it in her room! 

I am so so blessed and thankful beyond words for the love shown.  How sweet for those who bought from our registry.  Others, brought food, made gifts as prizes, made blankets for Meisi... all were special gifts from their hearts.

I received a Leigh's Blankies, "Daughters of China" from a friend.  I mention this one gift specifically because it is also a great ministry.  And those who know me know my heart for serving the least of these...Cried when trying to tell the story behind when I first learned about these blankies on this blog here.  The website with the background  story is here...I'd probably cry again typing it. 

I have told you adoption has made me far more emotional than my pregnancies did right??

That evening it was so nice to go through each gift bag again with Brian, retelling the events of the day.  The stories behind each precious gift.  Wow - I stand amazed at the love already shown for our precious daughter!

I can't say thank you enough!!  Thank you Lord for showering us with such amazing friends!  Thank you Father for allowing your love to be lived out through them!  I truly can't say it enough - 
I. Am. So. Blessed!!!  Thank you for loving our daughter, for the prayers, for the support, for the encouragement.... Thank you!!!

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