Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seeing God in action through Love Without Boundaries

I've cried a lot lately, but today were mostly tears of thankfulness....  I'm certain I can't do justice writing about God's amazing power and healing love He has already done in our daughter, but here is my attempt....

Today Love Without Boundaries posted this before and after picture of "Delyth", who is our Meisi, on their facebook page:

I was so thankful to finally be able to share a glimpse of her life with you publicly.   The over 200 comments made over her photo on the LWB page, our DTC pages and my page has brought many happy tears today as people were praising God,  talking of how you've prayed for her for almost 2 years now and financially supported her through LWB....

No words could express our thankfulness to our awesome God. 
No words for our thankfulness to you for answering the call to pray and give...

Many of you talked about how shocking, amazing and nothing short of miraculous her transformation has been....

Yes it is...
God in action through love without boundaries...  I keep saying this in post after post, but we are so thankful for Love Without Boundaries!

I have been asked many questions about her today and I felt it easier to answer on here.

Did we find her?
We did not find her on the LWB website.  Believe me, we were searching every known list out there - including LWB, yahoo groups, Pearl River Outreach, New Day, and New Hope...  I think I nearly drove our poor referral specialist crazy asking her if she could find out if another child I'd seen listed was available for adoption from these lists.  Every time - EVERY time the child I inquired about was either already matched, with another agency or not paper ready (the orphanage must pay money and fill out paperwork.before a child is adoptable).

No, I didn't find her and as much as I prayed over almost all the heart babies on every one of those pages mentioned (and listed on my sidebar) - including LWB, somehow I had never seen or read about "Delyth." 

The day after we found out we were LID (paperwork had been logged into system in China) our referral specialist called to tell me she had a partnership file that had just been released that day and she thought was a perfect match for us.  Brian and I opened the file while in separate locations (I couldn't wait for him to come home) as we talked on the phone looking through things, we knew we were both in love from the moment we saw her face.  We had prayed we would just know.  I know that may sounds silly, but we just knew she was ours.  Ask and you shall receive....  It is hard to explain the joy and excitement that peace can bring. 

How did we know she was with Love without Boundaries?
In our referral paperwork were a few medical reports from Love Without Boundaries.  Even her physical report mentions LWB throughout.  A photo similar to the "before" picture above was also in our paperwork.

It was heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time, to see her transformation then and even more so now.

Today, in the picture above, was the first time I saw how pitiful her little legs were.   I know - all of her looked pitiful, but something about her little legs.... tears and more tears... 

It is hard to see your child in such a state, but to see the change and beauty that came from God's outpouring of love through Love Without Boundaries...  

Nothing short of miraculous... another reminder that -
NOTHING is impossible with God
We are so very excited to see what God has in store for her life.

So what is her story?  Why was she so sick?
Our precious daughter was found and taken to an orphanage within the first day of life they think. She was actually born appearing healthy at just over 8 lbs. 
However, LWB was contacted when "Delyth" was just under two months old.  She was very sick with pneumonia.  It wasn't until being hospitalized for her pneumonia that her heart defects (ASD, VSD and PS) were found. 

Once better from her pneumonia LWB took her to a cardiac hospital fo open heart surgery.  After which she still struggled because of another pneumonia and inability to eat requiring IV nutrition. She was very sick. 

People around the world prayed for a miracle as LWB posted updates on their website. 
Thank you if you were one of those people who has been praying for her.
Thank you if you were one of those people who donated so she could have life saving surgery and nutrition. 
Thank you nurses, doctors and nannies who cared for and loved on her during this very hard part of her life.
Thank you LWB for responding to the call from her orphanage, for saying yes to love and care for her and so many other beautiful children. 
Jesus replied, "Whatever you have done to the least of these, you do for me." Matthew 25:40

We are blessed by you and so very thankful for each of you.

Will we call her "Del"?
I love her LWB identifier, "Delyth".  I don't think she has been called this name, but hope to find out.  It may stick as a nickname for her, however we have named her Meisi Zhen.

We were told in her referral paperwork that her name the orphanage gave her meant "Thought" - because they wanted her to grow to have good thoughts and good morals and "Treasure" because they felt she was a treasure."  We felt it was important to keep that as we hope and believe the same things for her.    Our son said we should name her "Beauty" because she is so beautiful - ahhh...melted my heart.   We read that "Delyth" also means beauty but wanted to keep her Chinese heritage in her name so we named her Meisi Zhen. Her name fittingly means - "Beautiful Thoughts and Treasure". 

We are so very thankful that God chose us to see her file the day it was released.
Our love for Meisi has grown stronger every day since we first saw her face on August 22nd. 
Our hearts ache to get to her.
We have been praying since the day we got her referral to be able to be with her on her birthday. Our agency says we must have our TA (travel approval) by this week in order for that to happen.  Lord, Plleaassssseee, let that be Your will. 

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our precious Meisi.  God has already done such amazing things in her. 

Again, I can't thank you enough for all your prayers and support.

If you aren't familiar with Love Without Boundaries - please go to their website www.lovewithoutboundaries.com.  There are many ways you can help support children just like Meisi through this amazing nonprofit organization who truly lives out their name. 

Meisi, we love you and cannot wait to be with you, hold you and love you forever sweet baby girl. 

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