Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puzzles, Pampered Chef and Purposeful Crafts :)

We've had several folks ask how they can help us with the adoption. Well, more than anything we need prayer! Please pray for

1. God's protection over Meisi until we can get to her (winter months are hard in China)
2. God's comfort during the wait - we know His timing is perfect (and hopefully sooner than later) ;)
3. For Meisi's heart to be prepared to be part of our family
4. For our hearts (Brian, me, Aili and Ian) to be prepared to be her family
5. That we let the peace of Christ rule in us. He's got this and He is faithful! How quickly my mind forgets this!!!

Finances? Well, He has been amazing at providing all we have needed so far through saving more - spending less, taking temporary jobs here and there, tax returns, yard/bake sales, 31 party, generous friends, and a Scrapebooking Fundraiser with 4 other amazing ladies at our church who were in process (now 3 of these families have their children home). :)  Until now the fees have been somewhat spread out.  As we approach the travel phase we are looking at the last half of the cost of adoption ($5500 orphanage "donation", $1000-2000 for legal fees in China, and $5000-7000 in travel expenses for Brian and I).  We are hoping to raise enough in our fundraisers to cover the orphanage "donation". 

If you want to help with the finances of adoption and our specific journey to bring our Meisi home we have three ways you can do that!  We are doing a puzzle fundraiser, a Pampered Chef online party, and I am selling a craft I made (purposeful craft). If you are thinking of buying Pampered Chef for Christmas - this is a double gift as our friend is donating her commission to our adoption.  Check out my fundraisers tab at the top for more details.  

Puzzle fundraiser?? Here is how it works!

We just bought the coolest puzzle!

Every $10 would "buy" two puzzle pieces which we will write your name on like this:

Once puzzle is completed we will hang in double sided frame and display in our home so that we can always see who helped us bring home Meisi. :)

I have added a paypal link on the sidebar  or you can send us your gift in the mail (send me a note if you need our address). Please include a note saying whose name you would like on the pieces.

I am also selling these "purposeful crafts" or he"ART" pieces. :) 

I can create any country you'd like and if you really need a different color pattern - let me know, I probably can do that too!  The cost of these are $10 not framed, $20 if framed (8x8) plus shipping. 

Thank you for journeying with us to Meisi! :) Your prayers, words of encouragement and support are such a blessing!!


  1. Hey friend! Just catching up in techno land. I owe you an email and a phone call and who knows what else! Ack! Just saw your post, would LOVE to have one of the map framed things in that green just like the picture above, LOVE!!!! I just donated, catch up soon!

    1. Yay!!! I can only imagine how crazy life is for you right now...I mean you only have 6 boys AND you are going to school!! Thank you Sonia!! I would love to hand deliver. :)