Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!   We don't do much around here for Halloween as far as decorating goes, but we do love the candy!  :)  The day started with my kiddos dressing as book characters and going to school. :)  I got to stay to see the Kindergartners in a character so cute! 
See my Captain America there?

Of course, later we walked down our street to get some candy then got WAAAYYY too much candy during Awana - Candy Explosion! 
Super Heros and Super Space Dog Ready for Treats!

Too cute not to capture their conversation :)

No idea where the drama comes from ;)

Now for the rest of my day....While having some great fellowship with a group of ladies from church this morning, who have adopted or are adopting, I got a call from our agency.  Normally I would've been excited except that yesterday they told me that piece of paper (LOA/LSC) I've been waiting longing for from China isn't expected to come for another 4-8 weeks.  :(  Ever wanted to cry but tears wouldn't come???  Back to the call...they called to tell me our sweet daughter had been moved out of her foster home and back into the Love Without Boundaries Healing Home she had previously been in before foster care.  I admit I was worried (still struggle with continually "letting the peace of Christ RULE in my heart".... Col 3:15)..... Was she sick?  Is something wrong?  Are they sending her back to the orphanage already? 

I called my dear hubby who also was concerned and he is usually much more at peace and trusting than me.  So, through his encouragement I called our agency back to ask beg them to check on the status of our dossier in China.  She finally agreed to check for me.  That still didn't resolve my concerns for Meisi though.  So, I looked up an email address for where she is, prayed and sent an email hoping someone would get back to me.  I just needed to know she was ok and not sick, that the move had to do with the foster family, not her and Lord, please don't let them be sending her back to the orphanage right away.

I don't know if I have said it here but
Love Without Boundaries!

I mean truly LOVE them.  Within a few hours I had a response from them saying just that.  Praise the Lord!!!  They are limited on what all they can tell me now, but knowing she is with the people God used to save her life and that she is ok.... She is not sick, and she is staying with them until we get closer to travel time.  God still answers prayers.  Sometimes fast (like today)...sometimes slower (like this wait for the paper/LOA). 

I realize not everyone is called to adopt.  However, all Christians are called to help care for orphans (James 1:27).  If you are looking for a "safe" organization to sponsor a child or send support, one that truly makes a difference in the lives of precious children- whether it be medical needs (surgeries, transfusions,etc), educational or nutritional support - Love Without Boundaries would be at the top of my list! 

There were so many people who gave financially to pay for our Meisi's surgery and her expensive nutritional formula, who prayed for her around the world before we had even started the process to adopt.  She is alive today, as a miraculous example of what God's power can do when He calls an organization like LWB to act and calls regular people like you and me to support, give and go.  I am so thankful for all those people who said yes to God's urging to pray or His little whisper in their ear to give.  :)  We cannot wait to go!!

So, How is God calling you to help care for the orphans? 

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