Monday, November 5, 2012

Monkey Bars and Pink Casts

We are still waiting for that same piece of paper from China (LOA/LSC).  Wednesday, Great Wall (our agency) told me today that they don't expect us to receive it for another 4-8 weeks. :(  However, on Friday they told me we are in the review room which was good news to me.  At least we are out of translation!  After review we will got to the matching room where our LOA/LSC will be issued!

My mind was taken from the wait for just a little while.... Unfortunately, my distraction was an accident with my Aili Grace.   Aili had a fall from the monkey bars at school which led to surgery to pin her little bones together in her left arm (and she is a lefty).  :( 

Wanting Daddy to lay next to her

Therapy dog named Benji

You can see it is great therapy!  She loves dogs!!

Just before going back to surgery :(

After surgery - she woke with this cute bear they gave her :)

Amazing how things like this remind me of the brevity of life.  I was so worried about her heart and how it would deal with the stress and all the medications she would be getting.  It didn't ease me any with nurses asking what her heart condition was. :(  God is good and faithful.  She did great through the surgery and the whole time the doctors and nurses commented on how brave and strong she is. :)  She did get an infection a few days later, but has recovered from that too.

Now she has her hot pink cast and seems to be doing very well... She still can't write but is enjoying directing people to what she needs/wants. :)

Thank you all for your prayers for her.  We are so blessed with amazing friends around the world who love Jesus and stand with us in prayer from miles away.  She kept telling doctors and nurses how safe she felt because "mommy asked people to pray and people around the world are praying for I know I am safe."  :) 

That safety and your prayers led her to share with Brian and I some burdens and temptations she carried and she laid those at Jesus's feet.  It is amazing what our eight year old can understand and verbalize.  Thank you for your prayers and thank you Jesus for answering!! :) 

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