Sunday, September 23, 2012

The wait....

This is so much harder than I thought it would be...

Waiting and Waiting...
Counting days...
Comparing any and every chart I can find on China Special Needs Adoption time lines....

We are still waiting on a piece of paper from China called a LOA or LSC.  After we get that it will be more paperwork and more waiting....

I made a rule that now I can only look at time lines twice per day.  Yes, I truly had to make that rule.  I also stopped looking at so many blogs.  Too much time.  I found I was spending more time doing all that and becoming exhausted.

Then was reminded by a dear friend's blog - that the joy of the Lord is my strength!

He already has this planned out!  He is going to get us to our precious Meisi (pronounced Maycey) in His perfect timing.

Yep, I still plead with Him nightly that our paperwork gets through quicker than "normal."
Yep, I still pray He performs some type of miracle and allows us to get to her by the end of the year.

I also know He ALWAYS answers prayer.... sometimes it is "Yes" and sometimes it is "No".

I want His will, because it is perfect and always what is best for us.
I also want to hold her, love her, tickle her, hear her laugh, hold her hand....

Please continue to pray with us that we trust our Lord to protect and comfort our sweet child until we can get there and that it would be His will for us to get to her quickly.

Thanks you for your prayers!! :)


  1. how neat! i write for me; it's a double bonus when it helps someone else too. =) praying for your waiting period and for sweet meisi too!

  2. Thanks Jamie! :) I do love your blog! Always seems to be what God needs to tell me. :) Thanks for the prayers!!

  3. Oh that dreaded wait. The wait that never goes away. Until finally that precious daughter is in your arms. Then it all is a distant memory and you can now focus on your miracle. Praying your wait is a fast one. Praying Meisi is with you soon. God's timing is perfect. And trust me I know how much you want things to go on your timing. And comparing the timelines of others is addicting and overwhelming. Praying for you too. Hugs to you my sweet friend! So excited that you are on this adoption journey.