Wednesday, October 10, 2012

While We Wait for Meisi

A new friend told me that her beautiful daughter from China loves looking at pictures of what they did while they were waiting to bring her home.  So, I decided to journal some of that on here. 

What do adoptive parents do while waiting? 

Paper work, read blogs, go to play dates with other wonderful friends who are adopting or have adopted, read everything we can get our hands on related to adoption for ourselves and our kids (LOVE the library). :) 
Brian double checking paperwork AGAIN - trying to be ready for LOA
Some great books we have read and are reading :)

We do normal (military type) things like:

Go to Air Force Ball

Brian rode on KC135 that refueled a F16 (yes, that is a Thunderbird), yes he took this pic!

Nesting has taken over which always involves painting. :)  We painted the playroom - a family least for a little while :)

The big project (been going on for um 2 years now) is cleaning out the garage.  With a purpose this week - our community garage sale is happening so we are hoping to get rid of things and make some $$ for upcoming travel expenses.  Sorry - no pics of this - it is too messy - lol.

While I was painting and Brian was organizing some in the garage, our kids decided to spend about 3 hours making a wagon for Meisi out of cardboard.  They made it with a handle, a seat and even streamers flying behind.  Said they could pull her around in the back yard.  I LOVE my kids. :)
"wagon" for Meisi :)

I love how Aili and Ian get excited about Meisi coming home too.  Sweet Ian asks so often, "Mommy, can we go get Meisi today?" I wish it were that easy!! They love looking at her pictures and kissing them. :) They talk about how they are going to love her and play with her.  They enjoy reading the books I get from the library...some of our new favorites - "The Red Thread, An Adoption Fairytale", "A sister for Matthew" and "Just add One Chinese Sister" - ok the last one I cried reading. :)  Aili'snext book report is on a nonfiction book about China. :)

Emotions - yep, lots of them. 

I keep relating this back to pregnancy as I have nothing else to compare it to...
Where am I now?
Third trimester... I'm tired, not sleeping well, uncomfortable, just wanting to hold my baby girl and be out of this stage...  also have the bad dreams...had them when pregnant too -  Satan trying to get me all worried.  God is faithful though. 

My sweet Aili said last night before bed, "Mommy I read what this says, but it still doesn't comfort me (she was reading "God's answers to little girls")."  I asked what she needed comforted about and she said, "I worry something will happen to Meisi before we can get to some of the other babies."  Ughhh.... with tears in my eyes the pictures of the precious babies on LWB page who have died  flashed in my memory.  One of the verses in her book was John 14:1 - Jesus said, "Don't let your heart be troubled.  Trust in God.  And trust in Me."  Aili and I talked on how that should bring comfort.  God is in control of all things.  He knew Meisi before she was born ("He knit her together in her mother's womb" Psalm 139:13) and He knows the plans He has for her and for our family ("plans to prosper you and not to harm you. to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11).  We have to trust Him.  We prayed for God to comfort Aili and to protect Meisi.  Aili and I both fell asleep within minutes of that prayer... I woke up at 2:30 am realizing I was still lying there next to her - oops!  Thank you Jesus for your comfort!!!

I am certain I will update more of "While we wait..." later.   this process takes time. Just to be clear though, we believe wholeheartedly - Meisi is worth the wait!  :)


  1. Love the wagon!!!! Your sweet Meisi is so worth the wait!!! Cant wait to read more of your journey!!! Prayers for your little one and your family while you wait!

    1. Thank you Denise!! Your words about your daughter inspired this post! :) Thanks for the prayers, there is no greater gift than knowing we are covered in prayer. :)