Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-Approval (PA)!!

Yay!!!  The Pre-Approval is here!!!!  They said 2-4 weeks and it took 7 days!!!   That means that based on the little bit of information they got in our packet stating we wanted to accept the referral for our precious girl, that China gives approval for us to move to the next phase.  Which is:

Translating our very long dossier (papers that took several months to gather)
Reviewing same paperwork
Matching - agree again that we are a good match still

Then finally we will get a Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC).  This could take anywhere from 5-12 weeks.  AND our agency just said we cannot post pictures until we get that - BOO!!  Yes, I know others have, but trying to follow directions, as um....I have to tell my children to do so multiple times each time... lead by example right??  :)

So, praying now that we will be on the shorter time frame vs the longer!  Can you pray that for us too?? 

Patience is something I have always struggled with - lol....immediately think of the "Fruit of the Spirit" Song.   That song has actually been dancing in my head for two weeks since Pastor Bob did his sermon and asked about the fruit of the spirit...

I will leave it for you so you can have it dancing in your head too (sorry not too tech gotta click on this):

Thanks for your prayers!!!

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  1. Oh Happy Day!!! So glad you got your PA!! Can't wait to see pics of your little cutie!!