Monday, June 3, 2013

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

A sweet friend from church took our pictures earlier this month on our 3 month official family day...
Funny it worked out that way because our first professional photos of Aili and Ian were both at 3 months as well. :)

I've been wanting beach pics of our family for some time - and when better to do it than while we live in Florida?? 

Pictures are priceless to me... I feel like my memory already is fading and I love how pictures take me back to that time and place. ;)  These bring smiles to my face now... Certain they will do it later too. 

Pictures tell a story and are worth a thousand words... 

Sometimes I think deeply on things - like this picture that actually brought a tear to my eye...

When Ian looked at the picture he said, "I look burpie." lol... I said, "You mean blurry?"  :) 
I explained to Brian that this was one of my favorites...  as it so clearly told the story of Ian's love.  
Ian was the one we were most concerned about when we were given Meisi's file.  He wanted a little brother.. and every little girl I'd show him on lists he'd say, "She is cute, but I want a brother." or just simply, "Nah."  Astounded we were that his first response after seeing her picture was with certainty - that is my little sister. :)  But, that isn't the story this picture tells...  Nope...
Every day and night for nearly 6 months after getting Meisi's picture - our sweet boy prayed for her - for her health, for her to love us, for her to know we love her and for us to get her home quick!  He asked me to put a picture of her in his room while we waited.  He loved her from the moment he saw her - we all did.  Many days he'd wake up, run into our room and say, "Are we going to get Meisi today?"  It was heartbreaking to say no, but gave him an opportunity to pray for her and the process to get to her. 
So this picture to me shows how he was loving her and hugging her like a little angel for months and months...  even though she couldn't see him clearly there.  :) 
It also shows that our prayers were answered for their relationship to grow quickly and be full.  She adores him as much as he does her. :) 
Yes, I know pretty deep for a blond... this is how my mind works - lol 
I love these two sweethearts.  Isn't it amazing how some pictures pick up so much of their personality?  I just see the love in their eyes.. Yes, they fight with each other a lot!  But they also love a lot! 

They also have an amazing love for their little sister.  Brian and I just smile and watch as they try to teach her things - how to talk, how to count, how to feed Emmy, how to go up stairs, skip, jump....  So fun to watch how intently she watches and how quickly she learns from them (haha - good and bad) :) 

My heart melts when I see them trying to protect her. :)  Here, putting her in the middle so they can keep her from the water. :)

She honestly wasn't in a smiley mood (which probably relates to being awaken from a short nap and not given snacks upon awaking).  I was shocked to see how many pics Jami got of her smiling!! 

Aren't these little toes just precious??
We love being a family of 5!!  Although we are pretty certain we will be adding to that at some point (Ian still wants that little brother).  :)  We are just waiting for God to say "Go!" and trusting when He does He will again provide the funds needed.

I am so thankful that God chose us to walk this path! 
So thankful we listened and were obedient!
So thankful that my hubby - even though he had some doubts and fears decided to lay them down at  Jesus's feet and take a leap of faith.

 So thankful that I am living this and because of it, understanding my adoption as God's child more than I ever could have.

Do you know how much God loves you? 
Do you know how much he wants us to love each other - really love other believers as REAL brothers and sisters... we are, you know... real brothers and sisters... He adopted us...

Praying God helps me to truly love my brothers and sisters... just as I pray my kids will truly love each other - exemplifying what is holy and good, talking to each other kindly, holding each other accountable, praying with one another, enjoying each others company without complaining and arguing... I realize this isn't going to happen over night. :)

So thankful that wherever I am or how well I am doing with loving - every high and every low...
God is always beside me, holding my hand...
He never lets go...

I wonder if it feels as good to Him as it does to me when I, as His child, tightly squeeze His hand back?

So thankful we heard that small still voice tugging at our hearts.  The joy we would've missed had we not listened and obeyed. 


  1. I just love this post!!!!! I just read it again and it brings tears of joy to my eyes!!!! Love you and your obedience to the Lord!!!!!

  2. Thank you Jami. :) You are so sweet!! Sometimes I think hearing Him is harder than being obedient!! Too many things that can catch my easily distractible mind. :)So thankful we both heard Him on this!! :)