Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 months!!

Last night as we were going to bed Meisi looked up at Aili from her crib smiling and Aili said, "Oh Mommy, she just melts my heart." :) 
Amazing to me that it has only been four months since God blessed us with our precious little girl.  I can't remember what life was like before our littlest Princess joined us.  She reminds me much of Aili at this age. :)  All that sweetness and love wrapped in such a tiny package. :) 
I still stand amazed at God's hand in putting families together.  Meisi has been such a little blessing to us just as Aili and Ian are little blessings too. :)  Just as I was going from one to two kids..going from two to three - I am more tired, and there is more laundry and more dishes (especially since the dishwasher broke)...  I do think having a two year old both shows you how old you are AND keeps you young (must be more agile and have energy to keep up with them).  :)  Maybe every few years we should consider adopting another two year old?? Maybe that is the fountain of youth?? 
We had an appointment this week that required us to be child free for a couple hours so a dear friend watched our three kiddos.  When we got back to her house I immediately asked how Meisi did - she said she did great and only came around saying, "Mommy?"  a couple times and they'd tell her I wasn't back yet.  Meisi walked into the room and saw heart melted...  she started cheering and clapping "Mommy, Mommy!!" then she ran up, I picked her up and she gave me the tightest bear hug and sweetest kiss. :)  I know for those who haven't adopted this seems like a very normal picture... but through adoption there is always that concern of 'do they really know you are their mommy or is any mom a mommy?'  A couple months ago when we visited dear friends in SC Meisi called my friend Mama... It didn't really bother me as we'd only been home a couple months and I knew she was still trying to figure things out.  So while this event may have seemed normal for most, it brought a peace to my soul that she knows she is ours and we are hers. :)  We are her family. :)
Along with that comfort comes finally letting us know some preferences she has. :)  I've learned this month that Meisi does not like zucchini, carrots, bread or hamburger (except for buffalo burgers).  She really doesn't like sweet stuff - not a big fan of cinnamon rolls, brownies or doughnuts. She is a very healthy eater. :)  I have noticed a little more comfort in her sleep pattern too.  When she wakes she had always immediately started crying when she woke.  For the last week, she wakes and instead of crying she plays with her dolls in her bed, talking to them until I get to her. :) 
Meisi continues to learn more words each month. She can get across most anything she wants between words and motions.  She enjoys counting and it usually goes like this - one-two-tree-four-five-seven-nine-ten-weven. :)  Ian and Aili love trying to teach her new words and how to say things.  They love her baby talk. :)
We have been so blessed by our sweet little girl. 
Here is a snippet of our last month or at least since our last post. :) 
Finger painting Fun. :)

HOORAY!!!  We got our new homeschool stuff!!  Sooo exciting!!!!   They wanted to start right away - haha!  So, like a good mom I let them start on some stuff. :)  Nothing wrong with year round school. ;)

Tea Party!!  Ian is such a good sport. :)  He actually loves tea possibly more than any of us, so when invited to a tea party he doesn't decline. :)
 They both got new swimsuits and well...I just think they are the cutest ever so I had to share. :)
 Look at this - she is multi- tasking already!  Stirring the homemade brownies and greasing the pan. She really enjoyed measuring and mixing. :) 
 Nothing less than something "magical" for my wonderful hubby for Father's Day (again - a great benefit of living one hour from Disney).  Of course, this was extra special to see how Meisi responded to everything.  She had already been to Hong Kong Disney with us and LOVES Mickey and Minnie. I have to admit a few tears of joy were shed during our visit here. :) Yes, they were mine.  I just couldn't help myself as she was so excited all day.  Then while we were watching Mickey's Philharmagic she was jumping up and down, clapping and cheering, "Yay- Mihey Mouse." The families on each side of us were just watching her and smiling too.  :)  It was precious and heartbreaking all at the same time thinking about how amazing she is and the joy she was sharing...and then again thinking about all the kids still waiting...  I'm not sure their faces will ever leave my mind. I'm still praying for families to rise up and bring home their precious children...

Last few pics... hope they bring a smile to your face too, maybe even melt your heart. :)

 This was watching the Dreams Come True Show.  She kept trying to show Mickey and Minnie she had their picture on her lanyard. :)  She'd say, "Mihey Mouse - look! Mimie Mouse -look!" 

 I don't think I could love these four any more than I do right now!


  1. I love it Deidra- thank you for sharing. And super congrats on the mommy! I love when Kai is babbling and says Mama- and then I say yes and he just starts laughing and crawling to me. Your family is lovely.

    1. Thanks Krista. :) Kai is so precious - so happy and joyful from the beginning. :) We are so blessed. :)