Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Hoping you had a great Mother's Day weekend. :)  Ours was busy but wonderful. We started the weekend with Aili and I getting a pedicure (it was my big girl's first one).  Isn't the chair just adorable??  It even gave a little massage.  :)

That evening Brian and I got child free time for two hours at a "Date Night" Event at church.  It was our first time leaving Meisi in the nursery but thankfully Aili was allowed to stay with her.  She did great and it was good for Brian and I too. 

A bit late but - Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the "mothers" out there - those who have children in their home, away at school, grown and married; those who have loved a child as their own and helped them when their mom was absent; and those who carried a child and loved them - choosing life but for whatever reason had to give them up...

I admit...the latter has had my heart the past couple months as I think often of  Meisi's "birth mother."

Someone asked, "What kind of monster would abandon their child on a cold wintry day outside?"
My response, "Not a monster - rather -A mother who loved their child enough to choose life, knowing she wasn't allowed to have her or maybe couldn't afford to care for her....but making sure she was placed in the only area of this incredibly small rural area so she would be found."

I will always tell Meisi her birth mother loved her.  I don't know her situation.  I don't know why she had to leave her  - whether it was the strict one child policy, whether it was because she did know of her heart condition and knew she could not afford to take care of her in the cash society (where they have no insurance and must pay for every medical need).  I know she cared enough to care for herself while pregnant.  Meisi's records indicate she was full term and weighed 8 lbs at birth - 8lbs!  She loved her and made the hardest decision a mother could ever make - to giver her up in hopes that she could live life and live it more abundantly.  Praise God she chose life!  Because this precious little girl has brought our family more life and joy than we could have imagined or prayed for. 

Yet, at the "Date Night" event at church we heard Mark Schultz recount that as an adopted child he always longed to meet a blood relative to see where he got his musical talent from, to see where his laugh comes from and loss of hair... But that has never happened and he realized it probably wouldn't... then he looked into the face of his own child (his blood relative) and saw his laugh in his son, his big eyes... 

I wept.  My heart aches for our sweet daughter that she most likely will never get to see where her beautiful brown eyes, silky black hair and sweet, sweet spirit has come from... I prayed that God will heal her heart as someday she will ask questions.  Someday she will wonder why.  Praying God fills her with love for this brave woman who gave her life and all her beautiful self inside and out. Pray that while we may never understand the circumstances her birth mother faced that God knew every day of her life before one came to be... and that includes knowing she was to be in our family (Psalm 139:16).

I pray for her birth mother.... I've prayed for her a lot... I pray that she somehow has peace to know that the beautiful baby girl she carried and delivered is loved beyond measure and that her heart is healed.  I pray that somehow she will come to know and have a personal relationship with Jesus who loves her unconditionally and will heal the brokenness.

After date night Meisi gave me one of her sweet kisses that Aili says always sounds like, "Mmmwaa!" Then for the first time she said in the sweetest voice, "I uv oo."  My heart melted!  Oh how I love our precious baby. :)  Then she looked at Brian and did the same to him. :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE how God gives us what we need at the very moment we need it.  How perfect and warming that was to my mommy heart. 

The next day was Mother's Day  It was the best Mother's Day yet.  :)  This time last year we had not even seen our precious Meisi's face and here we are one year later - enjoying each and every day WITH her. :)  It is a wonderful treat to be mommy to three precious children. :)  They showered me with love, cards and a gift.  We went to church and then to the beach with some friends. :)  This was Meisi's first time IN the water and she LOVED it! :)  Fearless she is!  I couldn't stop taking pictures of our littlest Princess. :) 


I truly hope you enjoyed your Mother's day.  I wish I had time to call each woman in my life who has mentored me and been a living example as to what a Godly mother should be.  :)  I truly thank my God each time I remember you. :) Phil 1:3.
"MMMWAA!!" :)

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