Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 months and some days. :)

Wow time flies!!  I totally agree with the saying, 'days are long but the years are short."  I think I could add to that "the months are short!" 

Can't believe we have only been with our precious little Meisi for 3 months!  Before dinner on the18th (the 3 month date), we asked the kids if they knew what today was...  Of course, they had no idea.  When we told them "3 months ago today we got Meisi."  Aili said, "It seems like she has been with us since she was born!"  Totally agree! 

Her transition into our family has been nothing short of amazing!  We prepared for hard times.  We prayed we wouldn't have those but realized it was highly possible. 

Many people ask why I think each families transition is different after adoption.  I really have no idea.  I am certainly not an expert on that subject.  I think our transition has gone incredibly smooth for many reasons... I think a big part is personality.  She is such an easy going child with a sweet, joyful spirit, almost always greeting people with a ready smile.  Obviously, she doesn't have our genes so we can take absolutely no credit for that.  :)  When we got back to the states with her, Love Without Boundaries sent us so many precious pictures and updates on her that they had sent supporters in their medical/nutrition/foster homes... Within each one they talked about how sweet she was and how the nannies said she was such an easy baby.  :)  Absolute truth!  She still is an easy baby. :)

Now don't get me wrong here.... she is a two year old.   She isn't happy when a sibling takes her toy or if they have something she wants.  Her first instinct is to scratch and poor Ian has a few marks to prove it!  Yet, she is always quick to say she is sorry and give hugs for forgiveness as she says "sorry."  Hard not to forgive that. :) 

Back to transition... I do think some other things could've helped our transition as well or at least didn't hurt. 
  • We LOVED China, the people, the culture, the food and would love to go back.  
  • We are doing all we can to help her keep as much of her heritage as we can... a dear Chinese friend (who happens to also be from Anhui where Meisi is from) is coming over to speak Chinese with her and teach us some too.
  • We eat more Asian food than we do American - always have.  Seaweed, rice and kimchee have been a family favorite and served at least weekly for over a decade. :)
  • We still buy her snacks from the Asian market which causes a cute little shrill of excitement when she sees them.
  • With homeschooling she bonded quickly with Aili and Ian since they are home ALL the TIME! 
  • While she was a daddy's girl in China she quickly became Mommy's after he went back to work as we hunkered down at home for what seemed like forever to meet all her needs (food, comfort, love). 
  • I think God knew what we could handle. :)  Between learning to be a stay at home mom and homeschooling two older kids who fight more than they love... I'm not sure I could've handled a difficult toddler.  :)  He is giving me plenty of trials through homeschooling that is refining me daily. :)
  • More than anything though - we prayed for her day and night for months before we got to her.  You, my precious prayer warrior friends, prayed for her too and prayed specifically while in China over every hurdle we faced...  We believe God is all powerful and will answer.  May not be today or tomorrow...but He will answer.  One of my favorite verses is "If you believe you will receive whatever you ask in prayer."  Matthew 21:22.  We believed, you prayed with us and God answered in a marvelous beyond amazing way!  Thank you!  Truly, thank you for standing in the gap for our family!  There is nothing material I could ever give you that would quantify the joy and peace brought through your prayers and support. 
New words for Meisi - "I luv oo.", "gen" (for again), "ready" (still learning set, go), "Come here, come on" (she hears that a lot!), "hold" (when she wants picked up), "yummy", "mommy look!", "yellow" (although she calls every color yellow),  "bounce" (she LOVES the trampoline). :)

We were busy as usual this month... our family never seems to sit still for very long (may be why homeschooling is SO SO HARD yet also makes it possible). :) 

Ready for some pictures?? 
We started off the month going to Ian's last tball game. :) I was sad to miss most of his season (we were staying home while he and Brian went) but glad we got to see the last game. Meisi really enjoyed the game....really I think she loves anything that involves being outside. :)

Next we had some family fun going blueberry picking at this yummy organic place near our house.  Kids probably ate as many off the bush as we bought...boy were they delish!!  I just love some of these sweet moments of Aili helping Meisi (Aili was worried about spiders since I got a terrible bite last year picking) and Ian holding her hand to make sure she didn't fall. :)  They truly adore her. :)

During the week after this we took our first road trip to visit our very dear friends in South Carolina. The kids did great (at least on the way there) and it was much needed time of fellowship for me. :)
We had our first hair salon! It was just a little painful!  My curly hair doesn't like being straightened but the hair stylists were the cutest!
Meisi seemed to really enjoy it. Anything we do that she likes she gives these precious super tight hugs (we called them "bear hugs" growing up) and the sweetest kisses. :)

This month was Meisi's first trip to the bookstore and also super special because the girls got their ears pierced!!  Meisi is not happy about having the cleaning done each morning or night but she likes to show off her pretty ear rings. (See bottom pics):)

Meisi really enjoys her new wagon and is just too cute in it. :)  She also was all smiles having lunch with Aili at the table! :)

A friend's daughter wanted to give Meisi some dress up clothes - Aili quickly wanted to put the Mulan outfit on her!  Look how cute!!! She looks like she is bowing!! 
 This little pose is also ALL her!  She frequently does cute little poses like this for the camera...  My goodness her sweet smile melts my heart. :)

Some other cute moments :)

On the 18th (the 3 month day) the kids and I went to LEGOLAND . It was all smiles at first but ended in two lost pair of sunglasses and two grumpy kiddos...guess which two??

We are so so blessed by our littlest Princess. :)  Aili calls her "our little Empress". :)  We feel so blessed that God chose to knit us together as a family.  Ian still prays daily, "Thank you God for my family and friends, thank you for letting us get Meisi and making our trip to China safe."  Such sweet joy to my heart...

Got love???  

Consider adoption...
 PRAY and ask God if He is calling your family to adopt - .
I can't promise you it will be an easy road (the journey was emotionally and spiritually draining)...
I can't promise you it will be an easy transition for you or your child....
But I can promise that your life and the life of a child will be changed forever....
I promise it will give you a whole new understanding of being adopted by Christ and the love He has for us...

and IF God has called you to it - He will get you through it -
through the finances, through the struggles, through the transition, through the trip to China or wherever else He leads you to adopt (who knows you may even LOVE it there - we did and can't wait to return) - you just have to lean on Him and not on your own understanding.  :)  Me and many other precious families are here to support you and love on you and pray with you through the process... 

Would you consider it?  



  1. Praying about it constantly!! And also that my husband will come to know G-d and trust him.

  2. Penny I have been praying both with you!