Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 months ago today!!

We have been with our sweet daughter for 2 months today!!  Wow!!  Seems like yesterday we were in China; yet it seems like she has been with us forever!

I honestly never dreamt life with her would be so joy filled.
I love her more than I ever thought possible (feel that about all my babies). :)

She has had so many firsts this past month:
1st Easter Egg Hunt

1st time to church and Easter (still hasn't gone to nursery but is doing great sitting with us)
Can you tell Aili likes to wear matching dresses??
First trip to Legoland

First time to Target and Publix...and ummm...Publix spoiled her... Cool cart to ride in, free cookie and free balloon..  Now when we go she points to balloons and says, "Mine."  lol 

First time to Moes (Maybe last for a while - $$$ to take 5 people to eat at Moes!)

First time through a tunnel on playground alone (usually Aili helps her through) :)
First time to a homeschool science class
First time riding in our wagon
First time in our pools in our subdivision - today we went to celebrate 2 months!!  She is getting so brave now - actually letting me hold her hands instead of the tight grip around my neck she did have! :) She even wanted to jump in today (yes we had a swimmie on her). :)

Many ask how her language is doing and I think she is doing great for being home just over a month! She has added more words to her vocabulary and says over 20 words clearly.  New words this month is: Mommy, Daddy (was Mama and Dada), look, come, there, that, yay, help, sorry, kiss, hug.  The last two are my favorite because she says them and then puckers her lips and reaches out her arms. :)  When she says sorry - she hugs, and kisses whatever is hurt... so so sweet! :)  Oh and last week she counted to 5!!

People have also asked how she is doing with Ian.  The first month home she really warmed up to him.  He adores her and she does him too. :)  Now he has to watch out for her tackling him unexpectedly for some hugs, kisses and cuddles. :) 

Some things about Meisi -
She loves to laugh, loves to dance, loves to sing...and it is oh so sweet to hear her singing herself to sleep each night even though I don't know what she is saying. :)  Her favorite English song is definitely, "itsy bitsy spider."  She asks for it over and over... we started that in China and she loves humming along and doing motions. :) 

How am I?
I am learning how to deal with 3 - don't think I will ever be caught up on the laundry (and not sure how many loads I have had to wash twice because it sat too long), never talk on the phone unless driving (yes, I know...but at least not texting..)...  I have been trying new recipes and doing my best at cooking (not a natural gift for me - lol).  I also have been training myself to wake before the kids to "find my chair" to study God's word, do a little exercise and shower.  Now this is big for me because I LOVE sleep and I am a night owl...but I knew I desperately needed my study time more than any other thing.  So, off to bed before midnight it is for me now! :)   Truly has made a HUGE difference in my attitude and heart to start our homeschooling days. :)  We still have many rough spots but it is much better overall. 

Last night was our Sparks Awana box car race - Ian got 5th in speed out of 78! Meisi had so much fun running around yelling with the kids and cheering when Ian won races. 
While there - two people came up to me and said something along the lines of how Meisi was melting their hubbies hearts...  This may sound funny - but Praise God!!!!  I have been praying more hubbies hearts will melt and be open to adding one more precious child to their family.  :) 

We are blessed beyond measure... even on those hard days when the older two are fighting or being a difficult student...  So thankful for where God has led us and all that He has blessed us with.  I can truly say my heart has never been so full nor my cup overflowing as much as it is since God gave us our sweet Meisi. :) 

Said it before.... thinking it may be our new family motto -

Faith, Hope and Love - but the greatest of these is love.

Got love? 


  1. Are we sisters? LOL, I can relate so much to your determination to get to bed by midnight so you can get time with God before schooling & life starts up again! I have 3 boys & can only imagine how things will become even more hectic once our lil princess arrives from China... A ready made pre-schooler, plus a girl in a house of boys?! My we are in for some creative re-scheduling & I will certainly have to give up my occasional 4am 'oops' in exchange for structure & routine again... Been a while since we needed to schedule in naps & snacks at this house, & something tells me that girly drama may take time for all of us to adjust to! haha

    Praying your great days outweigh your tough days! If you get a free minute, stop by our blog & pray for us! We're just another crazy, all American, Jesus loving, homeschooling family that is just brave enough to 'add one chinese sister' - oh, & we live in Hong Kong right now! :D -JK

    1. Oh my! We may be sisters! lol On top of all the things you already mentioned - We too have been praying about moving to China! Would love to chat with you about your move (read your post about this). :) Is there a way to chat without sharing emails on here openly??