Monday, April 1, 2013

Our sweeties First Easter at Home!

Happy Easter everyone!  I went to sleep early last night, so my Easter post is a day late!  Either way - I hope you enjoyed your Easter as much as we did! 

We went to Aili and Ian's favorite park in Lakeland on Saturday (Common Ground) then came home and  dyed eggs. Fun, busy day. :)

She didn't care much for coloring eggs. She did enjoy her Easter basket and then hunting candy filled eggs... well, I think she actually enjoyed eating the candy more than hunting for the eggs. :)  See her showing Brian her Peeps! :)

 I could just eat her up she was so cute in her dress. :) LOVED that she and Aili matched. I had bought Aili's dress on clearance at Dillards last October and then found Meisi's on clearance rack of Kohl's in January - how cool?? 

Picture overload here- just couldn't pick one! :)

Of course, the best part of Easter - reading from "The Jesus Storybook Bible" and celebrating Jesus is Alive!  My heart melted as Aili and Ian awoke cheering, "Jesus is Alive! Jesus is Alive!"  After Church Ian told grandparents on the phone, "This is the BEST day of the year - we get to celebrate that Jesus is ALIVE!!"  :)  Can't take credit for all that!  So thankful for all our friends who serve at church teaching and reiterating what we believe and teach in our home! 
While I am thankful we have a day set aside to celebrate Christ is Risen!  I am even more thankful that He lives in me and loves me each day - regardless how I've been through the day, regardless how much or how little time I've given Him...He loves me!  And Love...well.. His love... is "Never Stopping.Never Giving Up. Unbreakable. Always and Forever Love." :) 

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