Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One year ago today...

I remember clearly checking and rechecking the bag before leaving the hotel to Civil Affairs.  We could not wait to hold our baby girl.  I fully expected to have time to set down our bags, get out the camera and wait for them to bring her in...

Nope...she was there waiting for us.  
 When her daddy scooped her up - immediate smile. :) Thank you Jesus for grafting her into our family.
 Our first family photo as a family of 5. :)
One year later...

Riding four wheelers ;)

 Shooting up all the bad guys because she IS a super hero (or so she says). :)
 Fighting hard with the Monkey King...
 Umm...not sure what she is doing here aside from being part of a very silly family..
 Enjoying magical moments with her favorite characters - Mickey and Minnie...

I still stand amazed.  All the fears and anxieties leading up to a year ago have been filled with beautiful truths and love.  This year our family has grown by more than just one person... we've grown in love, we've grown in Christ and we've grown in trust.  

Our little princess - she is the bravest, strongest person I know.  We do not forget the tragedy and heartbreak that led to her being ours.  Yet, I can't praise my Lord enough for calling us to adopt, for helping us be obedient - overcoming all the reasons/doubts, for choosing us for her and her for us and for making beauty out of ashes.  

It has been a truly happy, joy filled year for our family - and this is just the beginning! :)

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