Friday, January 31, 2014

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year!

I am seriously behind on blogs and someday I may catch up...
but instead of thinking on what I haven't done, I will focus on today. 

Happy Chinese New Year! This is just a quick snapshot of our eve.  Do you do anything to celebrate CNY?  As followers of Christ, we don't celebrate most of the Chinese traditions.  However, our family enjoys learning about the culture and traditions, implementing what we can.  

This year we received over 30 Christmas cards from friends in our Chinese adoption community.  I have kept them up to pray over these precious families through CNY.  You can get a glimpse of some behind our sweet girls. :)

The kids put on their silks and colored some fun pictures 

Time for some fireworks!  Meisi likes the lights but not a fan of the noise. :) She kept saying, "It is LOUD!!"

And well...doing a few at a time was taking too ready or not...

Of course, it wouldn't be Florida without a little rain.
Her sweet smile melts my heart.  :)

Haha...still not a fan of "loud" though!

 Dinner time!  Nothing fancy, just some rice, dumplings and steamed buns.

In my mind I thought we'd end the night doing our version of a dragon dance - haha - I'm such a dreamer!  The kids wore their masks for about 3 seconds, I snapped a picture and masks were off. :)

Aww...just realized Meisi and Ian holding hands. :)  

I sure do love these kiddos and feel so blessed and grateful to be their Mama. :)

Hoping you have a blessed New Year full of joy and unending love!

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