Monday, December 10, 2012

We got an update!

We were told by our Referral Specialist at Great Wall that we could get two FREE updates because Meisi is from one of their partnership orphanages.  She recommended getting a referral now and again closer to travel (which we are REALLY hoping and praying will be Feb at the latest).    We were very excited to be able to have these updates.  Many have to pay $$ for updates - what a blesing and surprise!   Brian and I came up with 19 questions.  Most were answered.  The thing I was most interested was how big she has gotten to be.  The last height and weight we had were from when she was just over one year old.  She is 22 months now.  She has grown sooo much! 

I know that is good news because she is getting nutrition...
But I admit to being sad reading how much she has grown and all the milestones she has had that we have missed, and, and..... 

Yes, yes....we have many more years to be with her and see and live more milestones WITH her...
Just a happy/sad day for this waiting Mama.  Did I mention adoption causes just as much if not more emotional instability than pregnancy?? 

Back to the update -

Here are the questions we asked and their answers.  Would love to know what some of the foods and drinks are... 

1. Please provide current measurements.
Height: 84.5 cm (33 inches)   Weight: 11.6 kg (25.5 lb)    Head size: 45.4 cm (17.9 in)   Chest size: 50 cm (19.7 in)   Foot length: 12 cm (size 5)   Teeth number: 20

2. Please provide updated pictures.
Her photos are attached.

3. Please provide update on health. 
Her current health condition is good.

4. Has she had any illnesses?

5. How does her CHD affect her in daily life activities?
They told her CHD has little impact on her daily life activities.

6. Please provide update on verbal and motor skills.  Is she talking? Walking?
Yes, she is talking and she can say simple words (but she doesn’t like to talk; she is a little introverted; she usually smiles to you when you call her). She can walk and run with ease.

7. What is her favorite food and drink?
She likes cooked wheaten foods, such as steamed stuffed buns and dumplings. She likes sweet and sour beverage (ummm...what is sweet and sour beverage??)

8. What are her favorite toys?
She likes toys with bright colors.

9. What are her favorite activities?
She likes to play with toys and play games with other children.

10. What is her personality like?  Is she serious? Silly? Mischievous?  Well behaved? Happy?  Sad?
She is introverted and shy.

11. What name or nickname is she most often called?
They usually call her Zhen Zhen.

12. Does she get along well with other children?

13. Does she sleep through the night?
She typically sleeps through the night and occasionally wakes up.

14. What soothes her when she is hurt or upset?
You can hold her and give her snacks when she is hurt or upset.

15. What is her nighttime routine?
Not provided.

16. What is her daytime routine?
Not provided.

17. Does she drink from bottle?

18. Does she have any allergies?

19. What type of snacks does she like?
She likes ham, fried potatoes and crackers. (what kind of ham is a snack?)

We got a few pictures too. :)  This is one of my favorites as it shows her little personality some...wonder if she is hiding because she is introverted and shy? 

Oh my sweet Meisi - Mama cannot wait to hold you...

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."  (Phil 4:6-7, my emphasis added on those things I struggle with...)

Lord, thank you for our precious new daughter you have blessed us with. Please Father, if it be Your will, let us get through these last stages in high speed so that we can be with Meisi quickly.  We desperately want to be with her for her second birthday (earlier would be even better). ;)  We ask this in Jesus's precious and Holy Name.  Amen. 




  1. So sweet. Congratulations at getting a glimpse into your daughter's world.

    1. Thank you!! :) Can't wait to get to hold her!!!

  2. Found your blog through another adoption blog. I love how Meisi's name includes her Chinese name. I'm assuming Zhen Zhen is pronounced Jun Jun? We have a heart baby too but our daughter's is mild. I wouldn't put too much into the weights...They said our daughter was 24 lbs in February and she only weighed 20.5 in April when we got her. :) Congrats on your precious baby and hope you are able to travel soon!

    1. Thank you!! Wow!! That is a significant weight loss - I wonder if it was all the layers of clothes?? What size clothes did you take for her? What fit?