Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of school and LID!!!

Summer went by so fast!  Today I took my precious children back to school.  How does time go by so quickly??  Aili is already in third grade and Ian is in kindergarten!  I feel like I have just blinked and here we are!!  :( 

Kimberly at Great Wall cheered me up though!!  We got our Log in Date (LID)!!  The file release is Monday the 27th eve.  If they can lock a file for us we will have 72 hours to review.  If not then maybe on Thursday eve!  Praying for wisdom for Kimberly and us and for God's hand to guide us through this!! :)  We are soooo excited!!!!

I will leave you with pics of my sweeties and their first day! :)

My cuties :)

My little ham :)

3rd grade and Kindergarten - Already??
Just walked right in and sat in his seat, all smiles... :..(

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