Sunday, August 12, 2012


YAY!!!!  Our agency let us know that Friday all our paperwork (our dossier) that we've been working on since March was sent to China (DTC- Dossier to China)!!  :)  Woohoo!!! 

So...what now??

We were told it is taking 2-3 weeks to get a LID (log in date).  Once we have the LID we can be matched with children who are LID only (these are special needs children new to the list or who have less severe special needs). 

China releases a new list of children whose files have just been prepared for adoption on the China side once each month.  That list comes out the last or second to last Monday eve our time - Tuesday morning China time. So, if our agency sees a child come onto the list that sounds like a match for us they "lock that child's file."  We only have 72 hours to review the file, consult with doctors and fill out paperwork if we decide to move forward with that child.  We can say no as well.  All agencies are looking at the list at the same time.  So, we'd only get a call on Monday eve if they found a match and successfully locked the file.  The process happens again in 72 hours (Thursday) for all the children whose files got locked on Monday but the families decided not to move forward. 

Exciting to be at this stage. :)  Praying for wisdom for both our special needs consultant (Kimberly) and ourselves.  Praying that God's hand continues to direct our path. Praying that He will give us His peace that transcends all understanding as to proceed or not with the file we are given. It is so heart breaking to say no. :(  We have reviewed two files of special focus children (children who have been listed for a couple months or more severe special needs).  We did feel clearly these were not our children due to the severity of their needs after review from our physicians.  I think God allowed me to experience that as I couldn't understand how one can say no until we were handed these precious children's files. So thankful for the amazing pediatrician and cardiologists God has placed in our life who truly care and are thoroughly reviewing files to help us through this process without asking anything in return. God provides all our needs. :)  He keeps showing me this over and over in our adoption journey.

I will let you know when we find out about our LID and whether it will be this month or next that we are able to participate in the file release night so that you can pray alongside us.  :) 


  1. WOO HOOO!!!! So happy to read this post. Soon, you will be sitting in the same hotel we're sitting in now. I can not wait to read your blog updates from China. Love you guys and praying!!!!

    1. Thanks Debbie!! You guys will have to sit down and teach us how to update from China - lol!! :)Glad you are back home with your beautiful family!!