Friday, March 14, 2014

More birthday celebrations. :)

This is a bit delayed but finally downloaded these pics and wanted to get them on here. :)

Grandma came to help us celebrate Meisi's third birthday (she was with us in China for the second birthday too). :)

As many times as we've been to Disney.. we had never stopped with the kids to see Mickey Mouse.  News flash- Mickey Mouse actually TALKS now - WITH a moving mouth!  It was so very cool!

 Our girl LOVES Micke Mouse. I wish I could've caught the excitement leading up to this....
 At the end of every disney attraction is a...STORE! lol  Ian was being the entertainer here.
 So happy to love on a life sized Minnie doll. :)

A couple days later we had another little birthday party with Grandma.  We made homemade cupcakes and icing which turned out better than I expected. :)

I think she is almost tired of getting pictures taken, what do you think??
 Silly Meisi.
 Aili, enjoying our creation...she was pleased with the outcome. :)
 Pin the eye on Muno... So.Much.Fun... watching Meisi jump up and down, laughing, cheering... Priceless!
 She was very proud to show Daddy how well he did!
 Waiting patently for her packages...
 Such a little copycat - she adores her Jie Jie. Can you tell??

Blessings..over and over again!  

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