Thursday, November 21, 2013

Treats - 9 months with our baby girl

Can't believe it has been 9 months already!  I mean, it seems Meisi has been with us from birth, but it just amazes me how quickly time goes by.

We had many firsts for Meisi this month. By far, she was most amazed with all the candy at Halloween (or Reformation Day). ;)  Every piece of candy she'd look at Brian and I with a puzzled look and say, "Candy?!" The hard part of all the candy was that she felt she needed to eat it as she got it.  Legoland trick or treating wasn't so bad for that as it didn't involve too much candy.  However, we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and well, candy OVERLOAD!  I was amazed that people actually stood in lines that were longer for candy than for rides... how do we get this mentality for needing MORE... and MORE  - Candy at that??  All that Candy came in handy though.  We handed it out on Halloween in about 5 minutes flat.  Seriously, we had what seemed like 100 kids in about 5 minutes. We had to lock the doors and hide - haha.. I'm not joking!  We left and went to a couple churches in the area doing fall festivals. :) It was far more fun than just getting candy.

This will again be a picture post because we are in the midst of preparing for another family Disney adventure. :)

Here are some of the cute pictures of our little sweethearts getting their treats. :)

Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party -  A once in a  lifetime event for us. :) It was very crowded and very late.  Glad we went but not something we need to do again.

These are from the fall festival in our neighborhood.

 This is our pediatrician.  She was sitting at their booth for our subdivision's festival. Fun for the kids to see her at a time when they weren't getting shots or sick!

I had dreamt of going to a pumpkin patch, feeling the breeze in my face, wearing flannel and jeans then realized this is Florida and it is still in the 90s... so we went to a tent and bought some pumpkins. ;)  We had to put a few back as we Meisi learned they were not balls... yep, sorry if you picked that one up!!  

Halloween Night - My cutie pies and our super dog!  :) 

This, by far, was the coolest trunk or treat I'd ever been to ( I've only been to two).  This church transformed their trunks into Bible stories.  It was like walking through the Bible as they told the story they were representing.  They even seemed to be aligned in order. The coolest was our friend's car - he was sitting on top of his van as Gabriel, the angel. The van was the tomb, which Jesus was no longer in, because He has arisen!  It was AWESOME!!  What a great way to spend Halloween - hearing Bible stories!! At this car I did want to sing and dance, "Pharaoh Pharaoh - OH baby - let my people go - huh, yeah yeah yeah yeah..." ;)

Meisi's first hay ride. :)  She is with one of our friend's daughters.  She loves "E"! 

 We left that fall festival and went across the street to another.  This one was full of fun games to play - like a carnival.  Meisi received her balloon crown which was even better than all the candy she got...well almost!  There we had an amazing conversation with the pastor regarding his vision for the church.  There are few things that get me more excited than hearing about a Pastor's true passion to reach the unreached.  Praying for workers to be sent into the harvest...for the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

This month was my first birthday being a mommy to 3. :)  I woke to my favorite flowers - sunflowers and my favorite desert - pecan pie -YUMM!!  The sweetest part  - Meisi came into my bedroom , kissed me and immediately said, "Happy Birday mommy!"  The older kids had taught her what to say. Sooo sweet!!

Kids are work, being a parent is hard, but the joy these precious children bring is unspeakable. :)
Because it has been nine months I have to show the difference in her expressions with me holding her.  My sweet baby girl loved her daddy from the first moment their eyes met.  However, It took her some time to have that same affection for me.  Once she loves you though - it is with passion. :)

Gotcha Day (2/18)

Adoption Day (2/19)

This week (11/16)

 I am incredibly
blessed to be her mommy.  And I am so thankful her birth mother chose life.  I pray for her often, that God could give her peace to know Meisi is loved, oh is she loved.  I also pray for her soul, that somehow she will know Jesus is Lord....which goes back to praying for the workers....

This sweet friend - Veronica, will be going to get her beautiful daughter in China very soon, so prayer warriors - lets lift she and her sweet family up in this time of excitement and transition. :)  Veronica and I met through our DTC group on Facebook.   This amazing group of ladies have provided so much love and support for me and one another.  Yes, Facebook can become addicting, but there is some blessings occurring through it too. ;)

Speaking of transition.  Our super dog - Emmy has learned to transition to the love of a two year old again. :)  My girl's best friend - her dog. :)

We started decorating for Christmas (which is hard since it is still in the 80s here).  Aili found the perfect spot for her "Aili doll". :)  Our Christmas picture a few years back was of Aili in this sled and Emmy sitting in front like a reindeer - wow - how my big girl has grown!!

Meisi was very interested in all the Christmas decorations but was super excited about the Christmas train and finding the little Santa Claus in it. :)  I don't think words can express the joy our little sweetheart exudes.  She is amazing.  I say it over and over, but she truly is.
 This is the mess Christmas decorations make.  Yet, In the midst of chaos, Meisi found the perfect place to enjoy some calm.
 "Look Mommy, Mickey!"

Busy month and somehow we did slip some school into it. ;)  That is another post though.

Ending with funny story - Ian kept asking, "When are you and daddy going to the dance party?"  Me, "Dance Party?"  Ian, "Yes, you know, the place with loud music and you dance?"  Me, laughing, "OH- you mean the concert?"  Ian, "Yes, concert!"

By far my favorite part of the month was date night with my wonderful hubby.  Thank you friends who generously provided childcare. :) On my birthday Brian took me to a concert to see some of our favorite artists - Tobymac, Jamie Grace, Capital Kings, Brandon Heath...

Ian was spot on - knows his Mama and Daddy well - it was a rock'n dance party. :)  Toby's three goals were 1) We'd be hoarse from singing praises all night; 2) We'd be sweaty from dancing all night; 3) Our hearts would be filled and ready to speak life after worshipping all night.

All 3 were met. :)  Best. Birthday EVER!!

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