Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy 8 months since Gotcha! :)

Eight months ago our lives were made more full of love and laughter.  I never knew how much our family needed this beautiful, sweet new member to our family. :)  She is amazing how she makes light tough situations when siblings are unhappy or frustrated.  She is so empathetic too.  She senses sadness and is quick to ask, "What wrong (fill in blank with name of person )"  Then it is hard not to smile (even if said person is in middle of tantrum) when she hugs you tightly saying, "Awww, you ok?"...  Truly, I think we needed her more. ;)   So thankful, she is ours and we are hers.

Having said all that - not all of life is joyful and cheery.  Having three kids home all the time with hubby gone for so long with no support network has been soooo tough.  Our two older kids have felt it much more than Meisi.  She has been the ray of sunshine we've needed on those cloudy days. :)  Granted she is still a normal two year old and occasionally does the normal "2" year old things - "limp noodle", scratching, saying "no!".  Thankful she is comfortable enough to have the opportunity to be normal!

This month will have to be told in pictures. :)  As we are heading out the door for our first family camping trip (Brian took the older two on their first trip last week, now it is time for all 5)! :)

Our month in a snapshot. ;)

Dress like a pirate and get free Krispy Kreme?  You betcha!!

 Field trip to our Tampa Lowry Zoo

We met a family in our neighborhood from an online advocacy group!  Cool thing - her beautiful daughter was born in same small town Meisi was born in (Dingyuan). :)  Isn't it cool how God allows people's paths to connect.  Red threads here for sure...

Also so blessed to meet a friend from our DTC facebook group in real life!  Cool part is that our three little ones were all loved on and cared for at New Hope in Beijing. :)
What better place to take our 8 kids then to Animal Kingdom! lol

Had to share. :)  Yep, while Brian was away - co-sleeping became the norm!

Fun at homeschool science class :)  Future microbiologists :)

YAY!!!  Praise the Lord - Daddy came home!!!  :)
First fun trip trick or treating at Legoland :)

Daddy helped us pick out Halloween costume too - easy choice because she LOVES Minnie Mouse. :)

 End of Soccer Season. :) Can't say enough how good it is to have Brian home. :)

Such joy you have brought us in the last 8 months our sweet Meis :)

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