Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seven Months!

Yesterday was our seven month celebration of Gotcha Day. :)  Will I do this every month for the rest of her life- nope... I think it will be like our first two kids - where we counted each month to one year then yearly thereafter.

This month has gone by super fast in some ways and slow as molasses in others.  Brian is still away at training and I. am.exhausted.  Having kids 24/7 without any help or break is tiring.  One positive thing about the many required military separations.. I know that I will do whatever it takes to stay married... no way could I or would I want to do this forever...alone...but that is another blog post entirely...

As to our little sweetheart - she had many firsts again this month!

Soccer season has started and she has gotten to go cheer on her big brother - who you can see she simply adores. :) 


After this she went to the opthalmalogist who happened to be an American born Chinese.  Wow - what an amazing conversation she and I had... which resulted in tears. :)  She shared so many of her struggles that she faces being an American born Chinese - so many things often attributed to adopted children only, which she is not.  She was very wise and incredibly helpful for me and Meisi's eyes are perfect! :)  They did have to dilate them 4 times though!!  Did you know the darker your pupil, the harder it is to dilate?  I had no idea since I have almost no pigment in my eyes!
These tiny glasses looked super sporty don't you think?

Can you tell she loves her big brother??

Here she had just learned to say, "Bagel" and was saying "That bagel?" She almost always leaves out the "a" in questions. :)

Have I mentioned how much she loves corn?  After eating she says, "That corn yummy."  

Finally used our passes again for Disney and spent a few hours at Epcot. :)  On the way we saw the big electrical post that is shaped like Mickey and Meisi said her longest sentence so far!  "Look! I see Mickey right there!"  Have I mentioned she LOVES Mickey and Minnie?

Super excited to get to see some special friends that evening. :)  I will post about these friends another time, but blessed to know these special ladies and meet their beautiful children God brought to them through adoption. 

 I have to say, Meisi was pretty excited after this hug from my friend's cutie!!  They are both heart kids. I joked that they could compare scars now BUT not again until married. lol ;)  He is a cutie though isn't he??

A few fun shots - Aili started Archery this month

 This is what Meisi did during archery.  I have no idea how she sleeps comfortably like that - but whether in crib or carseat - this is her normal position. 

And this is what Ian does during archery..yep all boy!

Thanks to our incredible online yard sale site for our subdivision, I scored a trike and scooter for Meisi.    She had so much fun riding them!! I was incredibly impressed how she just hoped on the trike and started peddling - better at going backwards than forward but impressed either way. 

I think this is our first local field trip - the Florida Aquarium.  Great way to celebrate 7 months of being a family of 5 (only sad that Brian wasn't with us)...  Some of these melt my heart... Ian is just so precious how he loves on Meisi. :)  
 Meisi had fun with freedom to run around looking at tanks.  Thankful it wasn't crowded at all. :)
 They were all smiling but took a while to take they clammed up - haha - get my corny aquarium humor??  
 Meisi really enjoyed looking at all the sea creatures but wasn't interested in touching any.
 My beautiful girls.  

 "YIKES!!!  THERE ARE SHARKS!!!"  haha - gotta have some drama right?
 Now I will leave you with some of God's amazing creations...

Ian's favorite - the leafy sea dragon
 Aili's favorite - the sea ponies

My favorite - the love of family.... :)

Our God is an awesome God!  :)


  1. Do you ever stay home? Your posts always seem like you are on the go! The kids look like they are eating life up. Go Momma!!!

    1. Haha! Sarah - we do stay home occasionally! :) Although, we are gone more than we are home I think. Again, for us that is one great benefit of homeschooling. :) Right now we are home because I am sick..the downside of always being on the go I suppose. Thanks for the note. I do need to slow down and enjoy them eating up life as it passes so so quickly!

  2. Tim just told me about your blog last night and was showing me pictures of your sweet family, when he scrolled past that first LWB photo. I said, "WAIT! I know that kid!" and made him go back. I remember the day that LWB first posted a photo of "Delyth" and how I wondered at how thin she was and prayed for her. I continued to pray whenever they posted a photo of her and was amazed at God's goodness when they put up a before and after post about her, showing how much she had grown. Now that I see her in a family, I am still amazed at God's goodness. She looks like such a fighter, and praise God for that. Many blessings to you all!

    1. Oh Amy, I can't tell you how this blesses me. I have been overwhelmed with God's goodness in letting me meet and chat of with people who were praying for and supporting our precious daughter before we had even seen her face. Thank you. Truly, thank you. I know God worked miracles through those prayers. She is so full of life, joy and truly radiates love. We are incredibly blessed. Glad Tim showed it to you :)