Thursday, July 26, 2012

Somewhere in the 2nd Trimester

That is what it feels like to me right now...  about the middle of the second trimester. 

The roller coaster continues - just like pregnancy. :)  For me, the first part of the adoption (the Dossier phase) has been much akin to the first trimester of pregnancy.  Full of emotion - anxiety, questions, excitement...  Unlike my pregnancies I THANKFULLY have not experience the continual sickness.  I also did not lose weight like I did in my pregnancies - lol...nope...gaining just like a normal pregnancy. :) 

I say "somewhere in the second trimester" because now we are just waiting.  I don't know if you had this feeling, but I couldn't wait for the first trimester to be over.  I wanted to be through the sickness, through the worries of those critical first 12 weeks.  Wanted to rush through it (just as I have worked very hard to get all paperwork done as quickly as possible for the dossier).  Rush rush to get to this part...the waiting....  For me the second trimester of pregnancy was the time of feeling a little better, resting and looking forward to being in the third trimester. :) 

We are here....waiting for the 797 to come in the mail.  Waiting to send our dossier to China.  Waiting to be matched with our child.  So that we can get to what I anticipate to be like the third trimsester - the LOA and travel phase of adoption.  During my third trimester, the weeks couldn't go by quick enough.  I just wanted to hold my chlidren, to see them, to sing to them, to love them.  The same emotions I've seen some of my friends go through as they prepare to travel to bring home their children.

Not there yet, but looking forward to it nonetheless.   :)  Meanwhile...just resting as we can do nothing more while waiting for the 797.   Yep....somewhere in the 2nd Trimester. :) 


  1. Deidra I completely agree. From the time I made the first phone call to indicate our interest in adopting from foster care to the time our little guy moved in was very similar to a 9 month pregnancy. If we are going to get picky he was two weeks late. Although things won't be finalized for a few more months at least he has moved in and it feels like he is ours. Enjoy the peaceful waiting in your second trimester.

  2. Deidra, I could not agree with you more. We are in the third trimester and it is full of anxiety, stress, excitement, etc. And it goes FAST! Once you get the LOA/LSC things move fast. And in your case, they will probably move even faster. I'm so excited and praying for the precious little one God has already picked for your family.