Saturday, April 14, 2012

Most common question people ask me - Why China?

Honestly,  it took lots of researching and praying.  Neither of us had ever though we'd adopt from China.

I asked so many people the same question as we tried to glean from other friends' journeys.  The things we both felt strongly is that we wanted a child who was younger than Ian as we'd like to keep our birth order.  We also knew this is probably the only base we will be at longer than two years.  We wouldn't want to be faced with a move during or right after bringing home our child.  So, the time required for the process was important.

When the door for Korean adoption was shut for us, we started exploring all the options including domestic.  Once we decided we didn't feel infant nor foster adoption was the choice for us we started looking at international again.    The Department of State was a starting place for us to learn about the international options (  Lots of great info here.  

I started looking at waiting children on lists such as This is where I first saw "Kelly's" picture.  That is also where God started reminding me of my heart for Asia.  Brian and I both share that heart.  So that helped narrow considerably.

We started looking at agencies to see which ones served in which countries and got many information packets.  We looked seriously into Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, but two of these are currently closed for adoption and the other is new and could take up to 3 years to bring the child home. Philippines, Mongolia and Thailand take years for a younger child.  Vietnam is closed currently.....  We looked into Hong Kong and Taiwan, but the special needs there were less commonly heart defects which is what we feel led to.

As you can see the list of Asian countries quickly narrowed to....China!

I am thankful God gives each of us a passion for  different countries, different children, different needs.  There are orphans everywhere.... 
Some countries still do not allow adoption, but so many still do!!
The need is overwhelming for families to open their hearts to these children.
 I want to rescue them all....
but I can't....
We are starting with one.

Why China?  The quick and truthful answer is - God led us to China.
Sure we did our research, but He put the desire in our heart.
Yes, lots of people adopt from China in the US....
There are still LOTS of children who need families there and elsewhere.

On a final note - a friend posted this on facebook and I had to share:

"Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names.  
They are easier to ignore before you see their faces.  
Its easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms.  
But once you do, everything changes."

David Platt ("Radical")

So so true... that is what happened to us 13 years ago in Korea...

On my sidebar there are some buttons to websites where you can see some of these precious children.  You can click on the buttons and see their sweet faces....
Don't be surprised if their faces put you on your knees in prayer for God to send a family...
... or even your family.  :)

Deidra :)

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